Motion Picture Commissar of the Year

For those who saw the signs of hatred as our cars drove in tonight, I think it’s a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect on their great shame and their shame in their grandchildren’s eyes if they continue that support.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am sure the vast, vast majority of those who work in the industry agree with Penn, but how many fall into step because they know they would never work in Hollywood again if they didn’t? There was no real thought on the subject expressed by Penn.  The issue has been thoroughly sentimentalized.

Unfortunately, there was some hateful behavior at the awards to fuel the credibility of Penn’s remarks.  Even so, Penn knows the difference between the kooks and those who don’t want homosexuality shoved down their throats and the throats of their children.

How bout some real charity on both sides.

6 thoughts on “Motion Picture Commissar of the Year

  1. My guess is that Sean works with a great deal of homosexuals who have become his friends … for that, I can understand his desires to want to have them *accepted* and given all the same *rights*. I know a small handful as well …some have been very good friends of mine at different stages in my life. But I think we have to get to the point where we either believe that Scripture’s truths are TRUTHS and must be followed no matter how difficult and that the Natural Law makes SENSE and cannot be ignored. I often use the analogy that we can love an alcoholic … heck, they can be our spouses or children! But, it doesn’t make the sin of alcoholism a GOOD thing or an acceptable thing. These people are still accepted with all the rights that all humans have (which is why I have to roll my eyes when they want gay rights … they already have all the same rights as the rest of us). What they want is the sacraments, quite honestly. What they REALLY want, without realizing it, is for God’s approval of their lifestyle.

    Pity what these Baptists have done … they’ve undermined so much. We must take heed or we can easily fall into the same trap, I fear. It’s easy to do.

  2. Okay, Father, so here’s my spiritual bafflement this week.

    Is moral relativism in anyway connected to or stemming from, liberation theology? I’m reading an excerpt of the “Instruction Concerning Certain Aspects of Liberation Theology” written under then Cardinal Ratzinger through the Congregation for the Faith in 1985, and I see a lot of the same philosophical (?) trends that are prevalent in our American Catholic culture now…Just got me to wonderin’…

  3. All right here is my rant on this entire situation. It might possibly be long so if you just want to read the good parts they will be in capital letters. SEAN PENN IS A FOOL, he just said that for his five minutes of fame. We all know that people in the real world forget who win Oscars five minutes after they are handed out. It is those that live in NEVERLAND that can remember the past Oscar wieners who hold a gold iconic phallic symbol, and the movies that they won them for. Honestly does it really matter. Shall we fall into the hands of the devil through slothfulness of actually watching these movies losing 2-3 hours of our life, never to regain them? Sean Penn knows this, the Oscars know this, and Hollywood knows this. That is why Mr. Penn decided to take a stand in favor of Homosexuality and be that “brave soul” in front of the clones. Come on give it a rest. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN IN CALIFORNIA AND IF STAE HAD ANY (insert favorite word here) THEY WOULD FOLLOW SUIT AND LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!!!!!
    My grandkids will not be shamed into accepting the death mentality, in the name of tolerance. Mr. Penn forgets to mention that it is physically, and scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for HOMOSEXUALS TO HAVE GRANDCHILDREN. Maybe they are just jealous, or maybe they have hatred, most likely a little of both, toward the heterosexual baby producing movie goers that buy tickets to movies like his. I call for a BOYCOTT OF HOLLYWOOD. That’s right let’s hit them where it hurts. Let’s stop going to the movies, buying movies, downloading movies. Once there paycheck goes away then lets see how they feel in a generation or two when the “grandchildren” of “hate mongrels” are the movie goers if that form of entertainment still even exists.
    As far as the Baptists go, God does not hate anyone, but their actions all be it uncharitable at least they took a stand, I ASK YOU WHERE WERE THE CATHOIC MEN???

  4. So why do we pay any attention to actors anyway? In a more sane bygone era (a few hundred years ago maybe) these guys were wearing funny hats with bells on. Yes they were court jesters – entertainers – fools! Everyone laughed at them and then went on to more important business. How topsy turvy the world is where the court jesters are considered the role models for our society and especially our youth!

    We should treat everyone as they deserve, which in the case of this dufus would be to throw him a quarter, laugh at his antics and tell him to move on to another street corner.

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