Patiently Waiting

Sir David Marie of the Island of Rhode sends me this link to resources for sword training.Β  I post it in the hope that someone will eventually take the hint. . . hint. . . hint.

Oh well.

38 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting

  1. Sure! Right after I finish paneling mommie’s classroom and learning PHP!

    Incidentally… what ever happened to St. Paul’s admonishment “Let there be no competition among you… but each of you are to be self effacing… always thinking the other better than himself”.

    Or is that just another bad ICEL translation???


  2. Father! What have you done! My own father has been marching around the house, repeating “David Marie of the Island of Rhode…I like it.” I just pray we don’t have to call him by that… He has the tendancy to call my brother and I squires, even though I am now entering the MIM.

    In spirit of this friendly competition,(including the sword fighting bit, which I may [or may not πŸ˜› ] see in my lifetime,) I do have the personal ambition to advance beyond my father…A tall knight needs a tall shield-bearer. πŸ˜‰

  3. Personally, I’d be more interested in the process of FORGING swords than actually using them! I think working with metal is an amazing thing! This is especially true of HOT metal. The hammering and grinding have many paralells with the interior life. And in the end… you have something which is beautiful and will last forever!

    Isn’t it just like me Fr. Angelo… to be more interested in the “process” than in the subject.

  4. I agree Pascendi. It’s an art in and of itself! I have this book for Lord of the Rings about the Weaponry, and it goes into detail on the process of making a blade strong, able to withstand blows, etc. Any orc can find something to jab with…we knights need something that looks nice outside of our enemy’s body. πŸ˜‰

  5. Father I’m all for teaching these men sword fighting. But who has the honor of teaching these fine knights of ours?

    I know the squires would love to be included in this but I do hope that wooden swords be used for them.

    I’ll start buying gauge pads, we might need a few hundred miles of the stuff.

  6. Gauze Pads (I know mispelled it before) for all the not so near misses…….not that there will be any but better safe than sorry..should I add needle and thread to that????

    I do hope a few great knights will step up to the challenge of becoming the first to yield swords…

  7. I would like to be the first to volunteer to take lessons, if they fit my schedule. Um I do agree with Steve though, very well put. Al though A sword is much cooler, and a little bit more honorable, Obama will also find a way to take that away…

  8. A pistol for the bedroom,

    A shotgun over the door,

    A 30-06 for reaching out;

    You don’t need any more.

    Except you forgot one thing is missing,

    The Good Lord to whom we adore

  9. Now, Father if you ever make it to the South I would be happy to teach you the Samurai way. I also have plenty of wooden professional practice swords and several real katanas. I know it doesn’t fall in your category but its still sword fighting just in a different culture. Its to bad we live far apart. But I hope to be up in July to visit. Maybe we can get together, I can show you a few sword fighting techniques.

  10. Steve shooting someone with a gun is a lazy way.even a woman could fire a gun. Ya all need to fight like a man………….

  11. Steve leave it to you……….. That was pretty funny. LoL . Some how that really hit me in a way that made my day. blah blah Lol………….I’m still laughing…………..

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