Cuddle Kitten

Oliver wants to feel in control.  He hates being picked up and pampered all the time.  He asks politely for a cat and only lashes out when Carol won’t give in.  The trick is to let him feel in control even if he really isn’t.

He’s in control all right.  Stupid humans.

Update:  BBC disabled embedding for this clip.  You’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

11 thoughts on “Cuddle Kitten

  1. I just don’t understand what it is you guys don’t get……I’d bite someone too if they were pulling my hair and then tried to suffocate me by putting their hands over my mouth! Hip Hip Hooray Oliva!

  2. Charles … I wonder how Fr. Angelo would feel if someone took that little kitty brush to his beard! We might see a different side of our mild mannered priest we all love … he might bite us!

    Plus, just like humans, cats all have individual temperaments … some are just pleasant and cuddly and others are just nasty with a constant edge. If you take a nasty, edgy cat and try to detangle him … well, fah-getta-bout-it.

    We have a cute little bunny, Rose! She really is affectionate until she’s had too much … then she’s nasty. My son who likes carrying her around like a teddy bear all day has seen her nasty side … Rosie cannot tell him to just leave her alone … so she bites!

    There … my final defense for the feline race. Too bad I’m allergic or I’d have one.

  3. Should be titled “yum yum kitty”. That one was tubby – good eatin…. Bones are a problem though – ya gotta fillet em right.

  4. Do you ever notice that the eyes of a cat and eyes of tv, cartoon, book, demons look the same?

    There is a reason…Cats are evil! We have the evil twin sister cat of the one in the BBC video, living in our home! Her name is Pearl! Ha! Should be “Thorn”!

    But the kids love it…go figure!…give a cat what it wants??? Let it think it’s in control? LOLOLOLOL

    Blessings to all our wonderful Friars from Texas!
    And keep the cats outside! Now, pigs? They make good pets!

  5. Knight Errant, Is your comment intended to come from the perspective of the human – or the cat?

    Meg – Pigs would make great pets, but they taste too good to give ’em proper pet names. My kids named our last little oinkers “Ham”, “Bacon”, and “Future Football.” Future’s “future” arrived sometime last fall. But I’m with you. Pigs are much cooler than cats!

  6. you people are just jealous because you relate better to pigs than you do to the felis domesticus.
    But I have to admit, I’d eat just about any animal…

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