Global Warming Alarmists Scam for Abortion


Couples who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the British government’s green adviser warned.

Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission, says curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He says political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of environmental harm caused by an expanding population.

A report by the commission, to be published next month, will say that governments must reduce population growth through better family planning.

Regardless of which ever way the evidence points for the human origin of climate change, I am personal convinced that the Al Gores of the world, like the crackpot above, are ideologues who want to use this scare to mandate their liberal Big Brother agenda.  Only the government can save us from destroying the planet, they say:  the perfect pretext for bigger government, more control and the use of coercive power to manage the opposition.

Far fetched?  Look at the recommendation of the commission above:  “governments must reduce population growth through better family planning.”  I don’t know what it is like in Great Britain, but here in the United States the government provides “better family planning” by mandating abortion on demand and by turning a blind eye to the abuse of women and girls.

We start with criminalizing incandecent light bulbs and mandating untested alternative fuel solutions and end by coercing those who have traditional values and want large families.

20 thoughts on “Global Warming Alarmists Scam for Abortion

  1. What an ass. Want to know why millions of male Chinese are so pissed off? There are no females available due to China’s birth policy. They are pissed off and aiming at democracy….

  2. That fact is that we will eventually have to implement population control.
    Unfortunately, humans are too stupid to do anything difficult until well after it is unavoidable.
    The ONLY good answer to the worlds’ problems is to reduce the population to the point where we can sustain ourselves and our planet.
    One day, we would/will be able to support 6 or even 20 billion people, but today we do not have that ability and we should recognize it.
    This effort should start in countries where there exists strong social systems for the aging. We should not expect 3rd world countries to solve this problem.

  3. These “green” imbeciles should not be granted an audience to legitimize their idiocy. What they spew is not worthy of any publication or discussion.

    Unfortunately most of the media establishement see fit to publish because they see this “green” movement as a convenient vehicle to further their political agendas and ideologies.

    The media reports this idiocy (which is most of the time) without question or rigorous investigation. The hugely apathetic populace takes it all in as more or less fact. Indeed after continuous media bombardment it is only inevitable to expect these idiocies to take root in a significant portion of the population.

    What follows is then government legislation based on idiocy. Prime examples are the Ethanol mandate which is causing havoc with food supplies and raising fuel costs. Government blockage of national oil production has enslaved the U.S. to other nations friendly or otherwise.

    There is talk of auto industry mandates and now the the proposed ‘family planning’ aka abortions.

    All this on pretence of so called global warming which any high/grammar school kid can defunct in a second by simply talking about the previous ice ages.

  4. Yoo-hooo … Father Angelo! Come out,come out wherever you are! You’ve done it this time! 🙂

    I wish I had more time to address this myself, but I don’t. However, funny that people are crying about population control when we’ve got a numberof European countries who have admitted that they’ve now contractepted themselves into a huge population DECLINE that is killing them and they are trying to get people to adopt from other nations to fix the mess. The social destruction is immense and the unhappiness in these selfish countries is skyrocketing. Use your brains, people! Think for yourselves.

  5. 0x1B,

    That fact is that we will eventually have to implement population control.
    Unfortunately, humans are too stupid to do anything difficult until well after it is unavoidable.

    Are you an alien, or perhaps a polar bear? Ox1B sounds more alien to me.

    Seriously, you are suggesting that we would be better of with the policies of the Chicoms: forced sterilization and coerced abortion? I don’t think “humans” are too stupid, but I do question the judgment of those who trust the bleeding heart liberal advocates of civil liberties who also think that when they are in charge the government should make all our choices for us.

    Orwellian! Scary!

  6. I refuse to believe that through “change” we have lost all “hope” as a human race. Population control will be on the back burner of the Hitler cabinet, I mean the Obama cabinet. It is only a matter of time that this smooth speaking soul brother from the south side sweet talks his way right into us having population control to “set the example” for the world. I am not going to even argue this fact, nor argue this thread, we shouldn’t have to and if you believe that population control is the best alternative to global warming then make yourself first in line to be…how shall I put it…”controlled”.
    On a side note I refuse to become a BORG but those that wish you have my prayers and sacrifices.

  7. Great Britain implemented some kind of ‘carbon tax’ on its population last year. It made me wonder what one does when one uses up one’s carbon credits and can’t buy anymore?

    And as Chesterton said in his introduction to ‘A Christmas Carol,’
    ‘The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him, whether he is part of the surplus population; or if not, how he knows he is not.’

  8. Here’s a post in which the blogger uses Iran as the model for our family planning needs. China, Iran: perhaps we should throw in some National Socialist Eugenics as well–of course, only in the interests of efficiency.

    According to Wikipedia:

    In 1993, [the Iranian] Parliament passed even more draconian legislation withdrawing food coupons, paid maternity leave, and social welfare subsidies after the third child. Birth control classes were required before a couple could get married. Dozens of mobile teams were sent to remote parts of the country to offer free vasectomies and tubal ligations.

  9. People advocating things like 0x1B are either evil, using such scare-mongering to increase their control of other people (usually promoting a socialist agenda), or, are willing dupes who have drunk the cool-aid and have neither the brains, nor the will to resist the former.

    This may sound harsh and unchivalrous, but it is actually charitable. Evil should get no quarter and must be eliminated, whereas stupidity must be clearly shown the error and given the chance to change.

    “Chicken-Little” pseudo-scientists have been advocating various end of the world scenarios since I was actually a liberal (over 20 years ago). All of them wanted decreased populations and none of them have been proved true. The planet has been motoring on quite nicely and shows no real sign of succumbing to any of the made-up maladies that the “end-is-nigh” crowd have been trying to foist on it for decades. As a “real” working scientist (I have a two doctorates and over 60 peer reviewed publications in respected journals) I can assure the readers that with a modicum of reasoning (year 8 high-school level approximately) and knowledge they can look at the facts themselves and wonder how anyone with any sense could believe in them.

    So 0x1B, which one of the options are you?

  10. The Global warming hoax is to the culture of life what so called anti-semitism is (read Bishop Williamson and the SSPX flap) to the restoration of the liturgy and Christendom in the West. The object of the modernists and heretic is for we followers of Jesus Christ to be distracted from the real meaning behind our existence. It’s FAKE OUTRAGE (similar to false ecumania… sorry Card. Kasper) that they display in order to intimidate us. Unfortunately may good Catholics fall for this ruse.

  11. Although facts are usually ignored in the global warming debate, here’s an intersting one: CO-2 makes up 0.036% of the earths atmosphere (thats 3.6/1000). 2% of that quantity is contributed by human activity (i.e. – 0.02 x .00036). This can be looked up in say – an earth science 101 text book or Wikpedia. Maybe we should start looking fr another culprit.

    Regarding the avid population control folks, I am tempted to say that they should lead the way, but that might be uncharitable……….

  12. In other words, tripling (yes three times!) our TOTAL CO2 output would increase the percentage from .036 to .038%, which in atmospheric terms is not even close to the experimental error involved with these measurements.

    This is a scam of the highest order, for which the high priest of scam (Gore) was given a Nobel prize!

  13. We should end on that note, lest we obscure the debate with facts.

    The charitable thing is to pray for all of the mis-informed and mis-guided people regarding these issues.

  14. Ave Maria

    You know I was thinking about this whole “population control” theory that’s been floating around lately. Obviously it’s just another thread in the culture of death that is trying to lynch us all.

    And then I had this thought: The battle between heaven and hell, life and death, is ragining…Is it any wonder that the earth is heating up?

  15. 0x1b says we need population control? Um… hello, McFly? Birth control in every drugstore, purse and glovebox plus just under 50 million abortions since ’73 doesn’t add up in your book as “implementing some form of population control”? You’re a tough person to please.

    Just an aside… I’ve been scratching my head, trying to figure out what 0x1B might stand for. I’m not sure we’ll ever know what it’s supposed to mean. I do, however, recall some very basic Algebra from my school days. If we regard it as an equation – and I think we should – the answer would be zero. It doesn’t matter what value we assign to B. The answer will always be nada… zip… zilch… nothin’… ZERO” Sort of appropriate.

  16. 0x1b is an IP domain directive, I think. You’re right, as an algebraic expression, it’s meaningless. Can’t figure out OK, though … is it what it says or is it an acronym? Hmmmm … all these funky screen names. I guess I must be pretty boring.

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