Chivalry Does Not Apply to Cats

Knight Errant sends me a link to this photo as evidence for our shared opinion that cats are the most evil creatures in the universe.  Imagine, hissing at the Holy Father.


And if that is not proof enough, this should seal the kitty coffin:

Little mongrel.

42 thoughts on “Chivalry Does Not Apply to Cats

  1. Obviously, in the first picture, the man holding the cat is squeezing his tail too tightly. In the second film, the cat is simply thanking his owner for the wonderful dish of food that he has laid out…BTW, looks an awful lot like the cat at the friary, and the guy kinda sounded like Father Angelo…

  2. They are both clearly possessed. The second one is obviously channeling some sort of ancient language. Dunking in Holy water is prescribed. And even if it didn’t work, it would probably be quite entertaining!

  3. Ohhh … that kitty was adorable. Yes … this sounds like the complaints my father used to make. When I went off to college, he used to send me cartoons with slogans like, “Ding Dong Dell, Pussy’s in the well”. That was his threat of what he was going to do to *my* cat while I was gone. Well, years later when the kitty was very old, guess who was an emotional wreck? (Besides me, that is.) My father! All talk … just a phony macho facade.

    I smell the same rat here again! eh-hem …

  4. Being a former vet tech, I encountered all sorts of wild life. I have come face to face with a wolf, and I have gotten a fisher cat\bobcat mix down from a cabinet (it didn’t want to be touched). I can honestly say that cats are, how shall I put it, more difficult to deal with than mans best friend…
    Once again being formally in the field I still have scars from a cat who decided to claw its way up my arm (10 years ago) but on the other hand I have a scar from a mutt that bite me this past Christmas when making a delivery. You decide.
    You know who is the real evil, are bunny rabbits just watch the search for the Holy Grail to see what i mean.

  5. Set All Afire:

    Well, I have 3 dog-bite scars from my paper-route years as a kid and have no scars from anyone’s kitty cat. But … bobcats are a different story. They shouldn’t be a pet, that’s for sure.

    My younger son has a few bites from our vicious little rabbit, however. Definitely a direct descendent from the carnivorous *cute bunny* on the Holy Grail. (Was that a sinful movie to admit laughing my head off over???? I’ve wanted to rent it to show one of my daughters who has that same sense of humor. But I think parts of it are crude … of course, I watched it at her age.)

    OK … ’nuff kitty talk.

  6. Steve, I hope it is a microwave.


    Monty Python is brilliant British humor, but unfortunately it is also blasphemous. Too bad. The bunny goes in the microwave too.

  7. As an unapologetic Cat Sycophant, I simply must point out the significance of the fact that the Holy Father is smiling. He’s a cat person! Most intelligent, well-read people are, especially men who are comfortable in their masculinity. It is well known among cat people that cats are the thinking person’s pet, and the ideal pet for contemplatives, since they are contemplatives themselves. In the first pic, the cat does not like being put on display like a trick pony in front of an audience of thousands. True cat people know this. In the second pic, someone is clearly trying to aggravate the cat for an amusing video. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about animals at all knows better than to annoy an animal while it is eating. I think I’ll name my next cat Benedict (since there’s always a next one).

  8. Catherine,

    I see you are under the complete domination of the feline race. There are lots of things “well known by cat people,” exactly what your masters want you to think!

  9. Do you know why stripeys have an ‘M’ on their forehead? Apparently because when Our Lord cried as a baby the only sound that could sooth him was the purring of a moggy and Mary stroked the cat’s head she left her initial and all his descendants have it to this day 🙂 My cats, both black, are not impressed by this story but I like it.

  10. Catherine:

    You have made the best case yet! Our late Pope also had a cat, if I recall.

    However, I must say that I don’t see a REAL smile on our Holy Father’s face. I see a *polite* smile that says, “I’ve seen it all now … who are these people who subject me to this stuff??”

  11. Cat people, dog people can’t we all just get along. This is what is driving America apart. It’s not blue state\red state, democratic or republican, black or white, Christian or hell bound, it’s none of that. It all comes down to either your a dog person or a cat person…Then we do have to take into consideration those who love horses and other farm yard creatures. You can’t forget those that are avian lovers, or those who love fish and reptiles. This is so frustrating… All right let’s stat all over Cats drool and Dogs rule, end of story.
    Let me give you a hypothetical example. If you lock dog and your cat in the trunk of your car for an hour (I’m not suggesting you do nor condoning such action) when you open it who will be happy to see you?

  12. The top picture should be captioned. “My ancestors ate your ancestors in the Coliseum.”

    Personally, I own five cats and I think that they are either Protestants or atheists. They keep eating the palms from Palm Sunday and I have one that has figured out how to drink the Holy Water out of the font I put up at home. And they all think that the figurines from our Nativity set and our rosaries and the rosary cases make great cat toys.

    Although I must say that a cat’s purr is the closest thing I have seen in animal kingdom to heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving.

  13. Actually, I’m glad someone pointed out that was a cat in front of the Pope…At first glance, I thought it was one of the less endeared members of the USCCB before the Holy Father:)

  14. Not to prolong cat-astrophic blog or bore you all to a cat-atonic state, but didja know that cats also may purr as a response to pain? Cats in severe pain with, say, a fracture or other severe trauma often purr. Maybe they are really Catholic and are offering it up while trying to hide their distress.

    Nah – they’re evil………………

  15. I don’t take too kindly to having anyone pet my head while I’m eating either.

    At least he had the manners not to bite the hand (so to speak)

    The Big Kitty was auditioning with the Holy Father for the position of Papal Watch Cat. Looks like the Holy Father was impressed and certainly chose him.

    I love kitties 🙂

  16. Father Angelo needs some help on this thread, I think….just finished reading FI Saint Padre Pio book, and I quote,”The devil would appear in the form of an ugly black cat….” I am sure that Padre Pio did not enjoy feline company!

  17. FYI…The Pope love cats:

    Editorial Reviews
    Product Description
    In this beautifully illustrated book for children, Chico the cat describes the life of his “best friend”, Pope Benedict, in this authorised biography of the Pope for young people approved by the Vatican.
    “Dear Children, here you will find a biography that is different than others because it is told by a cat and it is not every day a cat can consider the Holy Father his friend and sit down to write his life story,” the Pope’s personal secretary, Monsignor Georg Ganswein, says in the foreword.

    The Pope is known for his fondness of animals, especially cats, and Joseph and Chico is narrated by Chico, a real cat who took up with the Pope in his native Germany long before he became the Pope. Chico tells the story of the life of “my best friend” from his birth in Germany in 1927, through his days as a young man, priest, bishop and cardinal.

    With a colorful and sometimes amusing language, the author makes this funny cat tell us about the life of the young Joseph all the way up to his election as Pontiff on April 19, 2005. It recounts the Nazi era in Germany when the Pope was a teenager, calling the war years “one of the most dramatic and shameful times in the history of man”. Later when he became Cardinal Ratzinger, Chico recounts how each time when the Cardinal returned to Germany from Rome for a vacation, the cat would run into his house and sit on his lap as he played the piano.

    The lavish color illustrations throughout make this a wonderful gift book and a cherished keepsake for people of all ages!

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  20. How cn you not tell the first one is PHOTOSHOPED!?! look at the egde of the hissing cat, its a different pic then from the holy father! one word, Photoshop! duh…

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  22. just an fyi: The first picture, with the cat hissing at the pope… He was a Nazi. Litterally, look it up. Thats where people get the phrase “Is the pope a nazi?” in response to an obvious question. I hate cats as much as the next guy but man….

    • @ Cody:

      Here are the pope’s own words:

      Seewald: “Were you in the Hitler Youth?”

      Ratzinger: “At first we weren’t, but when the compulsory Hitler Youth was introduced in 1941, my brother was obliged to join. I was still too young, but later, as a seminarian, I was registered in the HY. As soon as I was out of the seminary, I never went back. That was difficult, because the tuition reduction, which I really needed, was tied to proof of attendance at the HY. Thank goodness, there was a very understanding mathematics teacher. He himself was a Nazi but an honest man, who said to me, ‘Just go once and get the document, so that we have it …’ When he saw that I simply didn’t want to, he said, ‘I understand, I’ll take care of it,’ and so I was able to stay free of it.”

      The pope’s family had to move four times because none of them would join the Nazi Party. Pope Benedict is not a Nazi, nor was he ever. He is a holy and great man, who happens to be the vicar of Christ on earth.

  23. Codey,


    It’s your behavior that seems a bit fascist. Please observe the norms of courtesy outlined in the side bar or stay off my blog.

    You are free to disagree here. Just do so respectfully.

  24. I agree with Alyssa, it is photoshoped, the lighting on the first picture is COMPLETELY different! Plus, it is yawning, cats have a different face structure while hissing. Cats also do not like to be touched while eating, as if touched too hard they could choke very easily. This is an obvious cruel spam, I for one love cats, and both of my cats love every one they meet! They flinch at first, of course, but earn their trust fast. SPAM.

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