Quite simply, quite plainly, just by virtue his being, Obama is America. The first true American to lead our nation.

Are “pro-life” “Catholic” Obama supporters and John Ridely suffering from the same syndrome?  Please, let there be a cure.

6 thoughts on “Madness

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  2. I think the comments made in Fr. Angelo’s homily today are the problem … and that is that we’ve become an arrogant people. EGO. These people (like Ridely, Kmiec and Obama) now feel that they are ABOVE the teachings of the Church. I was watching EWTN the other night and someone asked Obama what he felt sin was and he said something like a *thing that goes against his personal conscience*. So … sin isn’t an offense against God and His commandments and teachings but it’s an offense against himself!! How self-absorbed. Talk about narcissistic. Yet, that type of response is hailed as logical and intelligent today. So are they suffering from the same syndrome? Yep … ego. Is there a cure? Humility and a whole-hearted conversion to Christ. I think the only thing that will lead them to that though is to be publicly humiliated … to wind up making a decision PROVING they are not God and thus getting knocked down a notch or two. I don’t know .. how does one destroy narcissism?

  3. Don’t know why the smiley sunglass face came up .. I was trying to reference the homily from jan 28 but maybe the symbols brought on the smiley face which is confusing. sorry.

  4. There is nothing about Obama that should inspire the type of worship that he is receiving. His ideology isn’t that much different than, say, Bill or Hillary’s, or any other lib in the Senate. We know very little of his personal history, so there is little to say about his character. He has no political record, so it can’t be his political skill. So what’s left?

    If Obama were white, would he be all that much different than, say, Bill Clinton? I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they voted for him solely due to his race (they would have voted for the democrat regardless of who was on the ticket,) but the euphoric, kool-aid drinking devotion that is being bestowed upon Obama certainly seems to be due to his race. If not, then what?

    The syndrome that many like Ridley are suffering from is racism. The type of radical racism that over-rides any residual ability, not yet removed through generations of compulsory public schooling, to think.

  5. Jen,

    (Obama) said something like sin was a *thing that goes against his personal conscience*

    Well in fact that is actually true. You cannot go against your conscience without being at risk of sinning. But the issue is with what you choose to populate your conscience. Either you feed it the lies that make you “feel good” or you make a determined effort to feed it with Truth. And it is here that you make the choice of good or evil, Heaven or hell.

    But in reality most of these life issues are an integral part of the the Natural Law and you don’t need to be “educated” to understand them. On this premise, people who are overtly against life are either liars or insane. Because there is really no other choice. Of course sometimes lying becomes so habitual that the perpetrator no longer perceives they are committing a lie. And this is when they become convincingly self-righteous and arrogant like you point out. This stage of “invincible ignorance” where logic “falls on stony ground” may only find a remedy in grace granted through the prayers of others, like us.

  6. Natural Law. Not having to understand complex philosophy or theology to know the truth of right and wrong.It’s inscribed on our souls and on the natural world all around us. So often we’re looking for that stellar thought, or clever phrase to defeat the culture of death at its own game. Lo and behold, no diploma required… just a quiet moment, here an there. Great point, Knight Errant.

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