Altered States of Barbiness


Congratulations to Barbie for fifty years of morally delibilating young girls.  I know, I know.  I am such a stick in the mud.

I generally avoid such sweeping condemnations, but who can blame me when the Disney Princess thing got me so much traffic.  I am a shameless opportunist.  Besides it seems the creator of Barbie was actually a sexual perv (content warning).

And while we are on the subject of cultural manipulation, here is the latest from PETA.  Nothing surprises me anymore.

14 thoughts on “Altered States of Barbiness

  1. Ok, I went to the PETA link, and what they are proposing is so absolutely absurd, it took me quite a while to figure out what they were actually talking about. I kept asking, “What on earth is a sea kitten?” and Gabbie kept saying “Mom, they’re talking about fishing. They want to change the name of fish to sea kittens.” But my brain just could not, would not, accept this explanation. I had to finally admit she was right, and I am just flabbergasted at the ridiculousness of this “campaign.”

    “Sea kittens” on Fridays, anyone?

  2. It took me a few pages of reading before I realized that sea kittens was their name for fish, in hopes to make everyone think of a cute little kittie and thus be appalled at eating them or *hurting* them with a fish hook. So, yes, we’ll all eat sea kittens on fridays … just beware of hair balls.

    As for the Barbie *designer* … who knew? But, it really shouldn’t be any surprise. The scary part is that it started with just one perv’s idea but look how many thousands of people have kept the idea going for all these years! Where are the femi-nazis when you need them most? They should be disgusted….esp after the news that the doll was designed after a prostitute doll by a man who had some serious sexual *issues*.

    Well, Fr. Shameless Opportunist, we’ll see which aggravating girl’s childhood playthings wins the ‘biggest hits’ award for you now … Disney or Barbie.

  3. SignaVeritae

    Regarding flushing them down the toilet – are you referring to “sea kittens” or the original variety?

  4. And while on the subject, what about all those nets in the see catching all those poor furry…uh…scaly creatures. I mean we worry about the dolphins but what about all the poor tuna!

    Frankly I am not so impressed with the dolphin’s intelligence level – why don’t they just swim out or jump over the net – Duh! If the Darwinists are right we are just getting rid of the village idiot dolphins, thus helping improve the overall “fitness” of the species!

  5. Well, aren’t the old ones grandfathered in somehow? And as for the dolphins. If they relate to their cousins the swordfish, I say eat them. Who cares if they go extinct? They are in zoo anyway.

  6. hey Paul… that looks strangly familiar… like I have seen it in a dream or something…

    like, a midsummer night’s dream…
    it was warm in the dream… there was paint… I knew that PETA would be offended at our sad lack of respect for the environment.

    Oh well, strange dream.

  7. As I always say (being a Midwesterner and all) – Sea kittens belong in the sea and not on my plate!

    If you want a good laugh, watch the Whale Wars. I have never in my life rooted for someone to kill a whale, but my husband and I were cheering everytime the Japanese caught one. Those (mostly Australian) nutcases who were riding about in the Antarctic Ocean were certainly convicted in their beliefs. But what struck me was the subtitle of the show-There is something worth dying for (paraphrase). And I have to once again contrast the sincere belief system of the devout Environmentalist versus the average American’s belief system. I call it the triple headed demon-materialism, moderation, and Don’t Rock the Boat. I still firmly believe that in the long run, it would be easier to convert the Sea Kitten Environmentalist than most of my so-called Catholic relatives. The environmentalist has already renounced the so called world for thier belief system, whereas my relatives and most average Americans the stumbling block is the World.

    I was a Vegan for years because killing animals was cruel…I only gave up and started eating meat when I had my first child and got tired of making 2 different meals for supper. But I will take a nut burger over a hamburger anyday of the week! I ate my first piece of steak last fall. Old convictions die hard, you know.

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