Father Ignatius brought to my attention a Catholic World Report editorial by Geore Neumayr in which he points out the danger into which the Catholic servants of Obama have placed the whole concept of the common good.  They poohpooh the relavance of abortion as a single issue that ought to determine the Catholic vote, saying that the common good demands that we subordinate single issues the larger interests of the Catholic Church. But as we know Doug Kmiec went so far as to claim that Obama (Mr. Planned Parenthood 2008) was the real pro-life candidate in the presidential election.

In his article Neumayr is commenting on  a headline in the Washington post “Catholics Go for Obama”, an article by Jesuit Father Thomas Reese:

Will the abortion debate rise up again in four years at the next presidential election? A lot depends on President Obama and the Democratic Congress. If they push through the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), then they will have betrayed their pro-life Catholic supporters. This will make it nearly impossible for these people to support them again. On the other hand, if they make a priority the enactment of an abortion reduction bill, then it will be more difficult for the bishops and the Republicans to portray the Democrats as the pro-abortion party.

If Obama pushes throught the Freedom of choice act?  Isn’t that what he promised to do as his first act as president?

Is it any surprise that Kmiec and his crowd are bracing for the inevitable?  They will feel betrayed.  Paleeese.

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  1. Before the election, the Kmiec crowd heavily borrowed from the remote material cooperation argument. Hypothetically there may have been some (contrived) argument that gave them enough personal moral wiggle room to vote for a man with evil designs, but now that the election is over and their man won, doesn’t “proportionate reason” for supporting the cannibal elect disappear? McCain is now out of the picture so there is no longer any “proportion”. There is only Obama. Especially since the Kmiecites claim to be pro-life Catholics in good standing, their choice to vote for him now all the more obligates them to oppose Obama’s evil policies.

    I can’t wait to see the full force of their opposition – to at least the same degree as they endorsed Obama before the election – in order to bring about the culture of life that they preten… uh… claim to support.

  2. I see today that Obama selected an evangelical minister to participate in his inauguration so it seems he’s desperately trying to win over the Christians’ respect.

    I hope the USCCB has a plan up their sleeves. There will be no room for RE-action but they will need to be as proactive as possible … well, really, they were not proactive when it counted and they sort of are in reaction mode now. So, maybe a better phrase would be that they’d better have a reaction plan up their sleeves so we don’t need to go into cleanup mode later. Oy.

    Perhaps the conservative Catholics cannot take the time to win over the lukewarm Catholics who got us in this mess right now. (I know we need to be in the business of saving souls but there are too many unborn souls at stake.) So, imho, to heck with Kmiec and his entourage … we need to get busy trying to circumvent these bozos.

    How? I have no clue. I’m praying for the bishops, priests and yes, Obama, everyday. I’d love for our dioceses to get some teams together to work on this … hmmm.


  3. Ave Maria!

    Hello Father, and welcome home!

    I have a totally off the subject question for you…There’s Catholics for Obama, right? Well, what’s your whole take on Catholics for Santa? Could you write a post on that?

    I’m searching for answers…
    God Bless,

  4. Patty,

    You’re a trouble maker. 🙂

    It’s nice to be back. Thanks.

    Give me a little time. I am busy this morning.

    Actually, I pleased to take the opportunity to answer you question, but I will do it in the larger context of the cultural tension that Catholics experience in the world today. Be patient, please.

  5. Patty –
    I’m waiting to hear what Father Angelo has to say on this, too. I have done much discernment in this area and have read some great things that i can share with you if you would like … but we’ll be patient to read what Father Angelo’s thoughts are first!

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