Texas Mission

Here are a couple of videos of the preaching mission I am conducting in Greenville, Texas at St. William’s Parish.  Fra John Lawrence, one of our novices comes from this parish.  Father Paul Weinberger, the pastor invited us out to preach in preparation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Father is in the process of created a rosary procession garden across the street from the Church and we will be blessing the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the December 8.

We are staying with Fra John Lawrence’s family nearby and are very grateful for their hospitality, their prayerfulness and their good humor.

Fra Didacus is with us as well and has been taking care of the video end of things.  He and Fra John Lawrence have created a rather clever thematic intro for the videos.

Here is the First Friday Homily:

And here is the First Saturday homily in two parts:

12 thoughts on “Texas Mission

  1. Unless my ears mistake me, that’s the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme…but with a better remix. Love the choral. And the style of it all, just like it. Don’t have time to watch the full videos, heading off to bed so I can visit you Friars at the Friary tomorrow! 😉 Namarie!

  2. Weeeeell, ahm not sayin that it aint a downright purty interduction right thar. But ahm a thankin that dude should be wearin a white hat ‘cuz he one o’them good guys like. That thar black hat jest looks dahn-right mean.

    Cum ta thank about it that dude sorta looks kinda mean his-self, like he’s a thankin its high noon and he’s lookin around fer trouble. Its kinda liken thars a new sheriff in town. Haw! Ah’ll bet ya them sinner types’ll thank twice afore tryin to make woopie in his town fer sure!

  3. Hope you’re enjoying the southern hospitality and the warmer weather … we got a little *white stuff* up here in the northeast. (that four-letter s-word … snow, that is)

    I love the lone-ranger intro … very ingenious! Watch out Hollywood .. a new generation of producers are coming and, as you can tell by the clip, they don’t take no monkey business! Clean, mean, fighting machines … y’all better watch out!

  4. Remember, Knight Errant, “sometimes good guys don’t wear white” (I’m a Benedictine oblate). LOL.

    It was awesome having the Franciscans of the Immaculate down here. We certainly appreciate them being here with us for the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

    We pray that we can get y’all to come down yonder here and build a friary … or two … or more.

    Pax et Bonum,
    The Roman Sacristan

  5. It was great to have some real down home type folks come and visit us on the “farm”. We were triply blessed during Our Mother’s Feast Day!

    Don Bosco misses you all (Yankee for ya’ll) already!

    And cats don’t count.

    The Funny Fowlers

  6. Roman Sacristan,

    Don’t forget gray.

    And it was great to be in Texas and at St. William’s.

    M Fowler,

    Us down home type folks enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and hope to be back soon, if you will have us. God bless you all

    Give Bosco a fling for me.

    And what do you mean cats don’t count. The cat is just letting you live there. Didn’t you know?

  7. The FI Friars are welcome times ten, to return whenever it is possible!!! And maybe next time we can rustle up a good ole Longhorn for Fra D to video.

    There were so many excellent responses to the Texas Mission and so many requests for ya’ll to return! Please come back!

    Bosco says Howdie !…Am not convinced about the cat…but I think I saw it reading Animal Farm w/ one of the older teens…we’ll have to keep careful watch! lol

    Blessings on this Feast of Our Lady d’ Guadalupe!

  8. It sure would be nice to get the friars in Alabama as well. Texas is only down a piece from Alabama. By the way, don’t let anybody ever tell you that it doesn’t get cold or snow in the south cause it sure does.

  9. Well … I was born in TN and lived there as a very young child. I do remember a little snow and how the state would shut down because of it! But, eh-hem, I don’t recall windchills below zero nor FEET of snow. Before I complain, living in CT, I dare not compare myself to those in upstate NY, OH, etc. My husband who grew up in Canada tells me what wimps all of us New Englanders are! Not sure about what he’d think about those down south. 😉

    But, I also recall the tornadoes in TN … I’ll take the snow I guess.

    Glad you were blessed by the Friars and we’re also glad they’re back in CT safe and sound.

  10. Next time, y’all come on down here, too for another week in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. From what I have seen in the four major sees (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin [which is just an Anglicized way of saying “Augustine”, after all]), Texas needs y’all down here, very seriously.

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