22 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Do not let the humans know so much. We cannot let on about the plan that Barack and Charlie have “cooked up”. The election went our way, so lets just keep quiet. Mmmmmm – they are so crunchy and full of vitamins!

  2. I am not amused. Any similarity between me and a hideous bug eating alien are entirely fictitious! In fact I will prove it by eating a bug and NOT enjoying it! Make it a big one…..hairy….yum….

  3. The picture looks like a chocolate ball…like a truffle…with something tastey hidden inside….YUMMMMMY….Hmmm…Planet Dark Chocolate.

    On the other hand it kind of looks like some moldy cheese I made one time.

  4. I dunno about a Princess Leia hairdo….Maybe Charlie Chebacca????

    Or maybe this blog is getting realy really silly………

  5. *Chuckles at Knight Errant’s latest comments* Bravo! Someone who has the same mindframe as me… I do think this is wandering from MaryVictrix’s purpose. But then again, what does my opinion matter? After all, I am just a squire to be knocked about and ignored. Am I not? 😉

    Bring back the Chivalrous debates I enjoy reading. 🙂

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