Politcians and Paternalism

good-shepherd-fresco1It’s a bit ironic that the liberal party of self-governance and civil liberty has served us up a celebrity for a president whose cult of personality has permitted him to exercise an unprecedented kind of political paternalism. He has looked upon his candidacy as a “teachable moment,” and upon his victory in the Democratic primary as an event which restored “his faith in America,” as though the electorate owed him some kind of proof of its loyalty. Now he is putting forward this preposterous mandatory civilian security service, banking on the power of his creepy personality cult.

It’s not that Obama is altogether a phenomenon unto himself. This has been coming on for a long time. Why have we ever cared what celebrities think? Our thought processes have been formed by American Idol, and now we bow down before the empty suites that we have neatly arranged for our own destruction.

I am not one to complain about patriarchy, but the icon of a father is not a red, white and blue Obama, looking down from his perch of wisdom upon his needy children. No the real icon of a father is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep.

One of the earliest images of Our Lord used in the history of the Church is that of the Good Shepherd. In the catacombs of Rome, Our Lord was portrayed as a beardless young man who carried a lamb on his shoulders, calling to mind the parable of the lost sheep. It is a beautiful image, but it is only half the story. In the Gospels the Good Shepherd according to Our Lord is the one who lays down his life for his sheep. The Roman fresco of the Good Shepherd illustrates the paternal solicitude of Christ for the weak and the needy, His personal attention to the individual who is hurting, but Our Lord Himself applies the title of Good Shepherd to the one who stands up to the wolves to protect His sheep from death and himself is torn to shreds in the process.

I once saw a child’s crayon drawing of the Good Shepherd of Jesus wielding a spiked club, standing between the wolves and his sheep, and bleeding from the hands where He has been bitten by the wolves.  That’s Our Lord on the Cross.

Why don’t we have leaders like this? Because we don’t want them. Heaven forbid that we admit that we are weak and needy. Far be it from us to allow ourselves to be led by someone who has our best interests at heart, based on a commitment to the truth of Christ. Instead we throw our babies to the wolves and thank the lupine divinity for being delivered from the responsibility to care for them.

8 thoughts on “Politcians and Paternalism

  1. “Why don’t we have leaders like these? Because we don’t want them.”

    Personally, I have to somewhat disagree with the notion. Since, first of all, this country is not a Catholic country, and was based off of Masonic/Protestant Principles. So how can we ever expect to have a “Good Shepherd” like leader in a system which was created with anti-Catholic intent?

    (Anti-Catholic intent in the sense of the American Revolution and the movement from Monarchies to Democracies and Republics. Once the King lost power to a parliament or whatever system took over, the country’s religious identity would collapse. Hence, FreeMasonry’s war against Christendom. The Ideal System Set up by Christ and His Church.)

    Though, part of me DOES agree with you on whether or not people want a good leader. Often enough, Catholics grow lax with their Faith and their Militant Side. We’re definitely no Crusaders in the true heartfelt sense. Everyone rants on and on about Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils so that Obama doesn’t win. But what if McCain actually won? People would most likely get all comfortable and cozy, and putting down the sword until the next election. (Just like with the situation with Bush. The thing was to get as many votes away from the Greater Evil [Kerry] and vote for Bush…then we go silent.) Seriously! WAKE UP CATHOLICS!!!

    But there is actually “HOPE” (Sarcasm directed towards Mr. Obama’s poster,) from our President-Elect. But that hope comes at a sacrifice. We can only pray that his actions won’t turn out to be as bad as expected, but if they are, then maybe…just maybe… Catholics will start waking up and seeing the true picture. We must Catholicise the Country to the core, before we can expect a good leader. And until that day, every attempt to vote in someone with the “Good Shepherd” Quality will fail miserably.

  2. First we need some truly Catholic Clergy to help give the “Catholics” some backbone. The response of the Bishops conference was pathetically too little, too late.

    Still if it is the beginning of a new awakening, I am all for it. But if it is simply an assuaging of their collective consciences once there is no chance of a real effect for which they can be blamed, then I am disgusted. Shut down the Catholic hospitals if there is no option. But do it grandly and together. Then I might see some hope for a revival of true religious life in the USA.

  3. Does anyone know the opinions of the Catholic bishops in CT ? I’ve heard about some people going to personally visit the bishops to discuss of all this. I think this is a great idea as long as we know what to say and not to say so we dont’ discredit ourselves or make them dig further into their holes. I want to encourage them. Does anyone know if the ARchbishop is open to such visits and what his stance is on all of this? I think of Archbishop Mansell because of Plan-B and want to encourage him to think long and hard before he’s called to continue compromising our Faith away. Thoughts anyone??

  4. Hey. I have a couple of ideas for the civilian security service. Perhaps they should call it the “Obama Youth”. Catchy, eh? And for the sake of the spirit of racial unity (or whatever,) they can wear nice brown shirts. Jack boots are also very sharp and would provide uniformity in the ranks, dontyathink? You think I should foward those ideas on to the Obama admin? Yea, they probably already thought of it though.


    We are a nation of spoiled children. Alan Keyes says, “adolescents with a paycheck.” The unfortunate modern vision of the American promised land is the gigantic Obamessiah sugar daddy. Obama is not so much of a patriarchal figure, he’s more like a ancient Greek welfare lord. After all, what was his entire campign about? Redistributing wealth and “change”. Babies can die, gays can marry, socialism is fine, no personal history is irrelevant.

    He’s going to give us money. Make us comfey again. Done deal.

    Our Lady needs to make saints. Saints on the order of Maximillian Kolbe. She will do it, but she has her work cut out for her.

  5. Just heard about an interview with Raymond Arroyo where he stated that he personally knew that 50% of the US Bishops voted for Obama!

    Surely the Holy See should get involved. To me this is a scandal of (and I use the term advisedly) Biblical proportions!

    How does one turn around the Barque of Peter when the current is so strong. Clearly in human terms it is not possible………

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  7. Jen A-
    Bishop Cote is receptive to talking with people. I’ve never done this personally, but I’ve heard he’s open to hearing from the layity in his Diocese. You might want to start there? Call the Chancery (and let me know how it goes:)

    I have to agree with Knight Errant, although I didn’t know the percentage of Bishops was that high! It’s one thing for the media to cover the scandal of 1-2% of the priestly population who abused their vocation to prey on children. But 50% is the bigger scandal to me, and has created more harm in certain respects than anything this Church in America has yet seen!

  8. Knight Errant, there was an interview of Raymond Arroyo on the Laura Ingraham show. The interview happened just after the recent Bishops’ conference in Baltimore (?). Raymond “confidentially” stated that someone at the conference mentioned that approx. 50% of the bishops PROBABLY voted for Obama. I briefly scanned the websites of Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo, but I couldn’t find the transcript of the show. I think Laura’s site requires a membership to listen or view her transcripts.

    Even if half of the bishops of this country voted for Obama, their silence speaks VOLUMES. We shouldn’t be surprised if the percentage is half because they have neglected their duties to the flocks for YEARS!!! Yes, this IS scandalous. It has been.

    It’s time to give up those caviar and Dom Perignon parties, Bishops of America. Don a Franciscan habit and maybe a hairshirt or two. Oh! Am I scolding, Padre?

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