The Nose on (In) Our Faces

16 thoughts on “The Nose on (In) Our Faces

  1. Ummm…. Michael Savage said it best….and I paraphrase “Liberalism MUST be a mental disorder” Otherwise no one could possibly vote for this dangerous buffoon.

    We should remember clearly another young popular politician who promoted a platform of liberal socialism and was voted in (just) by a minority of voters…..In Germany. Yes Adolph Hitler touted himself as a savior of the worker (His party was the democratic German socialist workers party) and of the people against the oppressive right! And we know how that turned out.

    Frankly I am hoping that McCain wins at this stage for all the wrong reasons (as well as some of the right ones I hope) I would just love to see the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the lunatic left. It would entertaining all the way into 2009! Is that wrong of me?????

  2. Yes, liberalism is a mental disorder. Put another way, sin makes you stupid. If we elect this buffoon, then we deserve what we get. Lord, have mercy on us.

    Vote early, vote often.

  3. My vote is in … and, I must say, the questions are way up top outside of the political parties and can you believe I almost didn’t see them??? Oy … my heart skipped when I realized my *almost* fatal error. I like the old polling booths better, I think.

    Anyway, we are in Our Lord’s hands now. If Obama wins and the Freedom of Choice act is passed and Supreme Court justices elected, it does seem like the slaughter of the unborn will continue for ATLEAST another decade. It horrifies me. However, God can turn all things to His glory and that is what we must hold onto.

    People WANT a Messiah … they just want one who is politically correct and pleasant to look at! They don’t want the REAL Messiah who has never been politically correct. That is the sad reality and always has been, I’m afraid.

    God bless! We’ll keep praying all day. Jen.

  4. Well, mental disorder is apparently a full blown disease in our Country. It’s been a democratic sweep. I have to trust that Our Lord has other plans up His sleeve for the unborn …

  5. Yes, and sometimes God’s last say is to sit back and let us be the fools we are. I guess if our values were what MOST people agreed with, we would have to realize that we were on the road that was wide and easy. So, the narrow path is hard and few will be on it … this election proves that point poignantly. Most Catholics I know (including family, I’m very sad to say) do not follow the Catholic Church’s teachings or guidance on things (and do not view it as a sin in any way) so how can we expect others to follow?

    I think something that the Catholics in general have not emphasized over the years is the true conversion to Christ. (Evangelicals have done this and this I feel is what they have that we don’t have.) People have to be TAUGHT and ENCOURAGED to seek deeply for Christ and pray for this conversion. Without a true conversion, the Church provides nothing more than another laundry list of do’s and don’ts which eventually gets ignored. There’s no connection to these teachings … there’s no true calling to abandon self. Catholics are taught to go through the motions of things (which these things are important) but with no real love for Christ and no feeling that He has called you to CHOOSE Him or NOT CHOOSE Him, then one can easily feel like going through the motions is sufficient. Then, once you’ve settled for that mentality, who cares if someone else goes through a different set of motions? Religion becomes the big psychologist, as I always say. So, there is no one TRUE religion just as there is no one TRUE best psychologist out there.

    I think it’s important for Catholics (and this includes the Religious … especially) to discuss their *conversion* … that this conversion is REAL … that it turned you around … that it’s POSSIBLE for anyone to have it. We hear the story of St. Paul’s conversion, but most people don’t relate to that. People need to hear these stories … I think most Catholics think that conversions are bizarre and that only the *born again* wackos have them (in their own heads).

    Ah .. maybe this is some food for those next encampments … but we cannot forget about our girls and women. We have much work to do in our Church!

  6. Gabrielle,

    You may not have long to wait.


    God will put our heads back on, as Father Peter always says.


    No it does not count if you die shooting, but that should not dissuade you from protecting your family.


    I will post my homily for the vigil before election night. It is still apropos.

    Our consolation is the faith. That’s all I got.

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  8. Thank you Father.
    I feel so much better now. 😉
    But I do know that if I do die a martyer, at least I get to go to Heaven! Which is my goal as a Catholic, so technically they would be handing me a (painful) ticket.

    Ask me how I feel when I’m in jail. 🙂

  9. So, a “man of God” trivializes martyrdom and spreads lies for political partisanship.
    Shame on you, frangelo.
    And God have mercy on your soul.

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