Father Angelo’s Conspiracy Corner

The truth revealed.

Now don’t anyone ever say again that I have never believed in a conspiracy.

BTW, I really do believe in the Soros conspiracy.  I am not kidding.

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  1. From the Soros link:

    Catholics who support or join such groups should be aware of the true intentions of their backers. They don’t have anything to do with salvation in the next life, but political power in this world.

    But since Soros is an alien from Iapetus, how would that apply to “this world.”?

  2. Sara and I chose the “Knights of Lepanto is an international spy ring.” This is hilarious. The thing that makes it really funny is that we know several of the members of the Knights of Lepanto, and believe them to be incompetent as international spies. They would be far too honest and chivalrous. 😉

  3. I would believe in conspiracies, but the aluminum foil on my head stops those bad rays from penetrating. Forgive me, the voices told me to write that!!!!

  4. snob ninnies???? Okay, i’m in stitches over here. I’ll have to remember THAT one.

  5. Knave! I challenge thee to feather dusters at dawn! And don’t forget to wear your ruffled neck puffy sleeved shirt, so we don’t clash…..

  6. Gentlemen,
    This can all be solved with myself moving some money form my off shore bank account in Zurick, while I drive my posh sports car, to my arch-nemisis, all the while having my arm aroung my beautiful babe (my wife), and blowing up anyone who dares to tail me. So if you need me I will be at the Barak Obama national headuarters in Chicago.

    P.s. I will be wearing my puffy shirt, I believe Master Paul can help me obtain one.

  7. At dawn? What shall you do about morning tea?

    …And if a wind-up toy barbie truck is “posh”, then I’m an overweight redneck with a revolutionary bent.
    Um, no… wait. Let me rephrase….

    Oh, nevermind.

  8. Say I heard Obama had a brother in Africa. It doesn’t take too much imagination to think of that other third-world locale – Connecticut. Hmmmmm separated at birth Skeet?

    Or is it Bruce – another pseudonym apparently. Methinks Skeet is becoming our International Man of Mystery.

  9. I think that Fr. Angelo is involved in a conspiracy to discredit ALL conspiracies. It’s BRILLIANT! He is doing this so that the credibility of all conspiracies will be viewed with contempt by our contemporaries.

    I contend that it’s CONTEMPTUOUS!

  10. CONgratulations. Your theory has a CONgruence and CONsistency that is in stark CONtrast to others that CONnect apparently irrelevant CONduits of information.

    I say we CONduct an examination in order to CONtrol our tendency to CONtradict or CONfuscate.

    Now I need to CONvalesce!

  11. Pascendi,

    You are right my poll is pure mischief, but honestly, I don’t know how anyone would think otherwise. On the other hand, when I said that I believe in the Soros conspiracy I was entirely sincere, believe it or not. That’s why I reiterated the point at the end.

    I have said before that I don’t subscribe to a conspiratorial interpretation of history, unless you assert a diabolical one that is orchestrated from hell. That I believe.

    In other words, I don’t except what I consider to be a logical fallacy, namely, that a lack of evidence proves that a cabal is at work, or that a group of persons are so bad that that very fact lends credence to the existence of a cabal. What I am saying is not that conspiracies do not exist, but that they are not to be presumed or to be posited on the basis of a lack of evidence or on the presumed existence of malice.

    Dan Brown was guilty of this fallacy, as well as our friend who said this:

    What many do not understand by the lack of the public knowledge of the connection of Ancient Templars and the modern order of Freemasonry is that the lack of public information on the matter is no accident at all. It was a neccessary tool to those men then, and even moreso as recently as the 1940’s. Even today many Freemasons are citizens of governments where their very membership could cost their lives.

    I don’t like it when our enemies do this, and I don’t like it when we do it. This kind of thinking is not an argument. It’s a prejudice. And while I know that many who are inclined to believe in conspiracies will marshal plenty of evidence, or at least interpretive evidence, for their position, very often I suspect the above underlying fallacy is present.

    (Mind you I do believe that the Masons are conspiratorial, but I do not believe that the lack of evidence of any real link between the Templars and the Masons is any evidence of their connection.)

    I am disinclined to believe in conspiracies, but I am not beyond convincing if the starting point something other than a penchant for conspiracies, and the evidence is not marshaled hook or by crook to prove something already presumed.

    BTW, my mischief is not conspiratorial. I was able to do it all by myself, thank you very much.

  12. I wouldn’t believe in conspiracies either but I know they’re all organizing ways to get me!

  13. Well, maybe. But you know the black helicopters are there don’t you!

    And what about the possible filial relationship between Skeet and Obama that Steve uncovered!

  14. Father’s denial of conspirational mischieviousness (if those be actual words) are quite suspect, if you ask me.

    Are he and Skeet Obama (or “Skobama” for short) in some sort of allegience?

    I want to know!

    Someone call Art Bell.

  15. Fr. Angelo: I was not prepared for that serious an answer (well, it’s partly serious, I think)! So I will respond with a ‘not too much nonsense’ reaction myself.

    I think you are correct when you draw the line between prejudice and evidence. I also completely agree with your statement that the only grand conspiracy is the diabolical one… hatched in hell. Often what appears to be a ‘cabal’ is actually sinful men acting out sinful tendencies in a cacophony of evil which is not particularly well organized… but which moves along in the same general direction & feeds off of its bad results (simply because it is evil).

    It’s a serious point you make because if those who are watching us believe that we act out of prejudice in our accusations or actions… then we loose many to the ‘other side’. We harm the credibility of Christ’s followers in the world by our prejudice if we do this.

    It is something worth being put on guard for in ourselves. Since we belong to the Queen… we carry within us a supernatural sorrow for the state of the world. That sorrow can turn to bitterness… especially if we immerse ourselves in so much action that we have no contemplation in our interior lives. Contemplation (especially when with the Real Presence) is the only antidote for bitter prejudice.

    The real conspiracy for us to be on guard against then… is the conspiracy which hardens or embitters our own individual soul to the point of indifference or despair.

    Personally, I always struggle against the inordinate desire to destroy the enemies of Christ as opposed to fighting for their conversion for the good of their immortal souls.

    Your last point “evidence marshaled by hook or by crook”… is perhaps the best. I believe you are stating that if we use evil means to fight evil… then we SPREAD EVIL. Since the root of all Catholic morality is that we can not commit an evil act for an eventual good… this is rational and is a way for us to guard ourselves.

    Lastly, I still believe that you conspired with at least One other Person before you wrote this post.

  16. I have in no way any ties to Mr. Obama, err. wait, I mean I am disheartened at the outrage in which he has ensued, hold on wait a second, um, ya, um ahmm, what I meant to say was well, it is just, hang on let me just put it to you this way, you see that is, wait, ahh um.. What we have here is a failure to communicate, um yea, ahmm, alright, he we go, let me just explain. What was the question that I was tryin to answer?

  17. Pascendi,

    I agree with you entirely. I think you put it much better than I did.

    Just to clarify, my “hook or by crook” statement was a poor use of idiom. I really wasn’t referring to a deliberately dishonest interpretation of evidence, but a prejudiced one.

    As far as the involvement in anyone else, I have no idea what you are talking about, which must, I admit, must sound terribly conspiratorial. I would be interested in who you might suspect.

  18. Finally! A thread I’m interested in! Why didn’t you guys call my husband? Skeet, I think you shot JFK, didn’t you?

  19. Innocence is a word that has no validity in todays culture. I’m not saying that it does not belong, I am just saying that it has been lost, or perhaps “taken out” by higher political tollerant brainwashing do gooders. Ahh to be involved in so many plots, and conspiracies, it makes me smile on such a dismal week.

    To answer you question Jane, no I did not shoot JFK, his head just exploded. There was no shooter on the grassy knoll, it wasn’t me honest, it wasn’t.

    Father I shall remain silent from this day foward , wink wink nod nod.

    P.s. To all who can understand this message…The duck flies west upon the whislte of the nightengale on the third mignight.

  20. Jane,

    The reason I did not call your husband is because three Mediterranean looking men in black coats drove up in a big black Lincoln with tinted windows and told me that if I said anything to your husband that I will have wished I had my tongue ripped out and hung with it.

    I thought I saw Steve and Skeet sitting in the back seat when the doors of the Lincoln were open. But I can’t be sure.

  21. Skeet,

    Next time listen to me. We should have used the Caddy. The Caddy!!

    And those Mediterraneans are no good, but the Jesuit albino’s we’re all booked. We just can’t get good american help anymore. Damn those global capitalists!

  22. In case you’re wondering, the misplaced apostrophes were not put there by accident. Jane knows what I am talking about.

  23. The third Mediterranean was Gabe with the lead pipe in the conservatory. No, actually he was in the kitchen – where else would Gabe be?

  24. Dear Father,

    With all due respect, the last person to “debunk” conspiracies in this way was Rush Limbaugh. I’m no conspiracy nut, and in fact don’t believe in too many of them, but am not impressed by your approach here.

    I’d recommend “Conspiracy Against God and Man” by Father clarence Kelly. Now Kelly went on to become a sedevacantist, so is not presently to be taken seriously. The book however,is worht a look, as the history contained in is certainly worthy of discussion.

    In our Lady,

    Rob Collorafi

  25. Rob,

    I wonder if Father Kelly’s sedevacantism is the result in part of conspiracy theory. As a said, I am not so naive as to think conspiracies don’t happen either, I just don’t subscribe to an interpretation of history that has conspiracy as its basis.

    For example, I think Abbe Barruel is on target, but that does not change the principle I laid out. I am not even sure what you disagree with.

    If I can get Father Kelly’s book I would be willing to read it.

    My mom has a copy of William A. Borst’s The Scorpion and the Frog: A Natural Conspiracy. I just picked it up an will let you all know what I think.

  26. *Saunders in amid the chaos*


    What do you say about the Bush Administration? Let’s say…was Bush deliberately put into power so as to ‘handle things poorly,’ in order that the American people who grow tired of the conservative Republican side of things, and really WANT a change… (Change in the sense of economic, and in the sense of the way the war was handled.)

    Since, I believe if there were a Republican in the White House who handled things better than Bush, the American populace wouldn’t have so eagerly gone for Obama. I saw how he painted McCain as ‘the same Policy’ as Bush. Anyways…just food for thought.

    *slips out into the shadows of the night*

    Oh…and Skeet, watch out…I deem there is a conspiracy against thee… No, I’m not part of it…but news travels…

  27. Master Paul,
    I think you may be right… one never knows. And can I join your Organization??? Please???
    And Mr. Skeet Sir,
    I think that it could possibly cause problems, you being who you are, when it comes to conspiracies. The more you plan them, the more they will be planned against you… 😉

  28. Just to clarify to all…I was indeed behind the fan machine for the moon landing, I was not on the grassy knoll, I do have the keys to the gate of area 51, I plan to use olive oil containers for shipping purposes, I am currently wearing tin foil as a hat, we will use a caddy next time, I was behind the master scheme to barbie Bryce’s truck, there was a gorrillia at the encampmnet and I let him out, I pay the electric bill for Iapetus, Sonny Bono was killed by the CIA, and John McClane is a character based on my “adventures”.

    All right I will be honest, I had nothing to do with Bryce’s truck.

    P.s. There can be no conspiracy angainst a conspiritor can there?

  29. Lady Gabrielle,
    You are most welcome to the ranks of our organization. I do deem I know you well enough to keep our secrets. I feel you are ready for promotion… I’ll prepare the initiation rite.

    Bryce Dietz is actually an android put together by our organization… So in reality, I’m running the encampments. The reason we Barbied the above individual’s truck was to give the impression that Android UPS9174 (Bryce Dietz) was an actual living breathing human being.

    Just to let you know, there is more to the picture than just Android UPS9174. Our organization has infiltrated the Friary to the core. We know about everyone. What they do. What websites you visit.

  30. DANGER, DANGER, MASTER XAVIER…The secret is out…beep beep..it is the policy of all androids…clank clank.. to give you the plauge…who runs the encampments now:>

  31. Boy Fr. You and Robert C. (who was posting a comment from my box last weekend) are a bit over my head.

    I’m hoping to drag Rob up with me next time we come. Please keep us and our parish in your prayers dear Fr. Angelo.

    IJM BF

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  34. Too bad that 9/11 really was an inside job perpetrated by the New World Order as one more stepping stone to the plot for a one world government. And I am actually serious about that. Anyone who does unbiased research into 9/11 and the collapses of the three buildings that day, will see that scientifically the official conspiracy theory that 12 hijackers with pocket knives brought those buildings down is false. I mean, the 3rd building, a 50 story steel structure building just fell into its own footprint at free fall speed. This is scientifically impossible. This was a controlled demolition http://www.wtc7.net/
    The same goes for the two twin tower buildings. They were controlled demolitions. They fell at freefall speed which is physically impossible. This simple example of billiard balls shows the point. http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/BBE/BilliardBalls.html
    Anyway, I know that most people are so closed off to even thinking anything like this could be a conspiracy that they wont even give it a second to examine. I for one do not know anyone who has really looked into these collapses that still believe that the official conspiracy theory is true.

  35. Steve,

    Many just assume that those who don’t believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy have not looked into it.

    I am not a scientist, but most of the arguments in favor of the conspiracy seem to be put forward by those who are willing to deny the face value of the event because they are inclined to the logical fallacy of conspiracy theory.

  36. Father,
    Lets start with one thing. First lets start with building 7. This 50 story building several blocks away from the twin towers, collapsed nicely into a neat little tower at free fall speed. This steel structured building, which no plane hit, would have been the 3rd steel structured building that has collapsed in the history of the world. The first two were wtc 1 and wtc 2. This building is larger than most states tallest building. Remember, 50 stories tall. No plane hit this building. This building had only a few isolated fires within it. This building housed the cia, fbi, the new york central security station and bunker, and the investigation arm of in the federal government that concerned wall street fraud.

    Now this building, 7 hours after the first two buildings fell into a neat little pile AT FREE FALL SPEED!!! This is physically and scientifically impossible. Have you even ever heard of this event before? Most americans have never even heard of building 7.

    Please watch this video of the collapse. You will notice that it collapses straight down exactly like a demolition. Also, notice how the windows blow out of the building before it starts collapsing.

    You don’t need to be a scientist to see that this building could not have fallen on its own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQeQi5XXfz0

  37. Steve,

    Concerning conspiracy theories even if their true we
    can waste alot of valuable energy and time. One interesting conspiracy is how the hole world has
    embrace socialism. Father John Harden S.J. wrote
    back in 1998 that the United States is the most
    powerful Marxist Country in the world. How’s that
    for a conspiracy (somthing done is secret). Well
    now that you know what can you do? Our Lady of Fatima
    gave us the plan! The First Saturday Devotions etc etc…

  38. David,
    I completely agree that Our Lady is the answer. She is the one who will crush the head of the serpent. St. Maximillian knew this. He said that the head of the serpent was freemasonry. The New World Order is a freemasonic plot for a one world government. 9/11 was a part of this conspiracy and the media is complicit in the coverup. Fr. Hardon, talked openly about conspiracies. He stated on many occasions that the mass media of communications was part of a luciferian conspiracy against the truth. Pope Leo 13th also knew of the freemasonic conspiracy. In his encyclical on the subject (humanum genus), he told us what we were supposed to do about the plans of the secret societies. He said we have to unmask those wicked plans and make them known for what they really are.

    “… as it befits the authority of Our office that We Ourselves should point out some suitable way of proceeding, We wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be seen as it really is…”

    We are not instructed to only pray. Prayer of course should be our first and primary defense. But we must also strive to make known the evil conspiracies that are being perpetrated against the citizens of the world and against the church. We must unmask the designs of the enemy. This is our responsibility.

    I agree that to get too wrapped up in conspiracy theories can be a danger. But that doesn’t mean that we should just believe everything that our marxist government and media tells us. There is a real conspiracy in our government and in the media.

    The reason why I focused on 9/11 in my post is because it is a starting point that can remove the scales of a persons eyes to see that there are wicked designs that are going on in secret. With this event, particularly of the collapses of the 3 massive buildings that day, one can show scientifically that the official conspiracy theory does not hold up. I usually start with building 7 because this is the clearest example of demolition in all 3 buildings. The government doesn’t even try to explain this collapse. It cannot. The reasons given for the collapse, are contradicted by the science of physics(as they all were).

    Again, I call on you to take 15 minutes of your time to examine the collapse of these buildings. Start with building 7. This 50 story building collapsed into a neat little pile at free fall speed. Don’t take my word on it. And don’t take the words of our government and media on it. Discover for yourself what is the most reasonable explanation for what happened on that day. If you discover that the facts don’t add up, and that what happened on that day were controlled demolitions, it is your responsibility to “tear away the mask” and to expose it for what it really is. Anyway, may God bless you all.

    In the Immaculata,

  39. Steve,

    I’ve done plenty of research. I agree with what you say. But the waste of time is tring to convince someone that they exist who doesn’t want to believe.
    What it comes down to is it really don’t matter. The world deserves whats coming. But maybe someone will intervene. And I will try to do the best I can. Remember the Children of Fatima they stopped WWI. With the Fransicans of the Immaculate promoting the unlimited consecration to the Immaculate and the Marian VOW we have a very good chance to win the World for Our Lady. Just my humble opinion.


  40. I will admit that I know nothing about these conspiracies and usually avoid them like the plague. However, I do know that modern architecture designs major buildings to do just that … fall in one, neat heap! It’s part of seismic structural engineering so you don’t get the domino effect when a building falls. I could ask my husband to check out Building 7 since he knows more about this stuff, but I doubt he will. He HATES the computer and basically only uses it for work.
    Probably not a bad idea. sigh. In the end, like David says, whether these conspiracies are true or false is immaterial. Even if the world comes to believe the 9-11 conspiracy or not … there will always be more and more and more ways to deceive us. Focus instead on heavenly goals .. not earthly ones.

  41. David,
    I agree that applying Our Lady of Fatima’s message to our lives is a good starting point. The children, by praying the rosary every day for world peace, played a major role in ending WWI. Taking the battle of Laponto as the model for Christian action in our day and age, the Pope asked all of Christendom to pray the rosary for Our Lady to help overcome the threat to Christendom, which the people responded by doing so, but it doesnt deny the fact that the Christian Navy had to go out and fight the battle. I think that there is a little bit of unhealthy passifism in your.

    And to Jen all I have to say is that I thought architechs designed buildings to STAND UP, not to FALL DOWN into neat little piles. I mean, building 7 wasnt even damaged by planes or in an earthquake. The only thing wrong with it was a few isolited fires which were apparently started by falling debris. Other steel structured buildings, even in the same wtc complex, withstood much greater damage without falling. look at this building that didn’t collapse: http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/DEW/dewpics/Biggart1836.jpg

    And even if they were designed to fall, it is scientifically impossible that they would fall into the path of greatest resistance at free fall speed unless aided by explosives.

  42. David,
    I want to make it clear that I do not think the answer is to take up arms in this battle like they did at Laponto. What I am saying is that we must not remain silent. We have to stand up and unmask the designs of the secret societies and the New World Order. We have to expose the very real conspiracies for what they are. We need to have courage and speak up even if it is unpopular and will cause persecution. Hey, your belief about 9/11 is placed in the same category as aliens in the poll below. They are not even comparable. That is a type of persecution even by those within the church. But if I tell someone and convince them (which I have multiple times) and you do, and those people do, eventually we will make a difference. Keep fighting the good fight and God bless.

    In the Immaculata,

  43. Steve,

    Me a pacifist? I don’t think so. For us who are in the M.I.M. “Missionaries of the Immaculate Mediatrix,” Link here https://maryvictrix.wordpress.com/mim/what-are-the-degrees-of-membership/
    If you know anyone who has a copy of the Marian
    Seraphic Pathway read it. It’s the battle plan!

    To add, we need to die to self so Mary can
    live Jesus in us. Then the world will say! SEE HOW
    THE CHILDREN OF MARY LOVE EACH OTHER! Then they will convert.

    Steve join the M.I.M.!


  44. David,
    Thank you. I am familiar with the MIM and the Marian Seraphic Pathway. Besides total consecration, prayer, the interior life, and the day with Mary, what do you think that one should do with regards to the social doctrine of the church in which Pope Pius XII stated that not only individuals but also societies,i.e. nations must also give their obedience to the Kingship of Christ. Don’t you think that this implies some kind of involvement in politics since the reason of politics is the governing of men and the well ordering of society? If the Secret Societies are manipulating the political order should we not be counteracting this and unmasking it?
    Ave Maria! In the Immaculata, Steve

  45. Steve,

    If you think this post with the comparison of 9/11 to aliens on Iapetus is persecution then you need to get a sense of humor.

    By they way, if you have followed this blog then you know what I object to is conspiracies that are posited on the basis of the logical fallacy of conspiracy theory and the habit of mind that accompanies it.

    I don’t think anyone here is an expert in any of the topics that have heretofore been covered concerning 9/11. There are studies on both sides. My experience has been scratch the surface and you find a conspiracy theorist underneath.

  46. Steve,

    The tree is rotten! We have to rebuild by conversion.
    We the layman have to go out and bring the Immaculata
    to everyone. I bring a bag of miraculous medals with
    me everywhere I go hoping to place one in someones hands. Remember the Conversion of Ratisbonne.


  47. Steve,

    I deleted your last comment. You can’t take a hint.

    This is not a clearinghouse for 9/11 conspiracy theories. Take it somewhere else. I don’t want Fatima, consecration to the Immaculate and this other stuff all lumped together on my blog.

    God bless you.

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