Hitch Has an Itch . . . for Obama

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Why am I not surprised? Hitchens is unable to conceal his sneer for Sarah Palin and for those who attend her rallies, which just makes his cheerleading for Obama on foreign policy and defense even more ridiculous.

Anyway Laura Ingraham did not fail to hold his feet to the fire.

3 thoughts on “Hitch Has an Itch . . . for Obama

  1. Laura was too gentle. He is an arrogant, but unfortunately, reasonably erudite, buffoon who, from what I can discern, is popular merely because he articulates his inanities with a British accent.

    I think he wants to pitch himself as an intellectual elite to replace William F. Buckley’s irreplaceable position in American society. Fat chance – too much ego, too few neurons!

  2. Apparently Colin Powell has an itch for Obama as well. How disappointing.

    There are so many bishops that have so eloquently spoken up over this … I’m disappointed that the CT bishops haven’t said anything. Or, maybe they have and I’ve missed it.

    I have one more hope, however. AFter seeing Becket, I realized that he took on a high role in the Church for all the wrong reasons … basically to support whatever the King wanted at the time. However, once in that position, he had a conversion and ultimately fought for the Church to his death. Granted, God gave special graces to this position within the Church …. however, that’s my final hope! A conversion for Obama if he gets into Office.

    As for Laura Ingraham … I like WHAT she says but I really hate HOW she says it. And, delivery is a big piece of one’s message. We no longer get FoxNews but that was the thing I noticed about all of the conservatives on that channel… Hannity, Ingraham, O’Reilly. They’re abrasive. If I had to go out for pizza with any one of them, I think I’d choose Colmbes … he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Even though I don’t agree with his stance on politics.

  3. That’s what liberals do – they try to appear to be nice, since they really aren’t.

    Actually that’s unfair. Those that are smart enough to really know what sort of evil they propagate must be liars and so, by definition are NOT nice. However, there must be some who are too stupid to understand things, and those may really be nice – and thick as a short plank! Pick you favorite liberal – which one are they?

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