The Grand Marshal

Watch over us.


And for your viewing privileged, click image follow link to video of Marc’s Knighting.

12 thoughts on “The Grand Marshal

  1. Father,
    Thom lived for the days of the encampment. I’m sure he has a way of letting Bryce and all the knights know that he’s there. Watching, pulling off little misshaps just to keep life interesting. Thom and Marc are in a place to intercede for us now, so let’s not forget to us them. ENJOY the weekend, and what a beautiful weekend it is.

  2. On our way to the friary today, our family took a detour for our first drive down to Green Falls since the accident. We prayed the rosary and remembered our dearly departed friends. I have asked my son to keep Marc and Thom in mind throughout this weekend at the camp. I know they will be there for the Knights and Squires, helping the men and boys go that extra mile. We will not forget them – and they, in their goodness, will not forget us. Pray for us, Marc and Thom!

  3. Thom and Marc were there this weekend. They will always be at these encampments. Be it in the laughter of the boys having fun and just being boys, in the fathers and sons bonding becoming closer as it should be, they are there in stories and fond memories that will never fade away. They are there in lessons that we will teach the boys on how Marc lived true Marian Chivalry even until death. They are there in the corny skits that the boys perform, they (Marc) are there for the night watch helping his fellow brothers along onwards victory no matter how slim it is. They are there in the whispers of the trees as the winds blow, they are there in the crackle of the fire, and they are there. They are there (Thom) when something goes off schedule, or missing, or array, in that all too comical way that these things happen. Thom is there as a mentor for the Grand Marshall of the present and of he future. Marc is there to help out the squires in their quest to conquer the Crucible. They are both there in the minds and hearts of all who attend the encampments for they are our examples of how a father and son should be. They will always be remembered never to be forgotten, their legacy, story, lives will live on until the end of time. Pray for us Marc and Thom, pray for us.

  4. Carol, It was very good to meet you as my wife & I and our children arrived there Friday afternoon. Though I never had a chance to meet your two saintly men… I feel as though I have known them for a long time.

    The encampment was great and loaded with some useful (and somewhat painful) lessons for my son’s team (the chastised White men of Malta).

    May the lessons in what it means to be a subject of the Queen continue!

    Ave Maria

  5. As the new Grand Marshall I must say the the chastised white team did have some strong members. Actually the strongest members of teh team where the ones who weer 12 years or younger. They scored the most points for chivalry and they should not be punished for the actions of certain other team members. So I thustly declare that on the next encampment which is slated for Memorial day weekend 2009 the elder members of the white team and those affiliated shall be justly punished.
    I have a lot to learn from my mentor Thom, I hope I do him no wrong in doing the following and giving the white team extra page (not sure on spelling) for the kids who gave it there all and were punished unjustly for the poor attitutdes of the elder members of team.
    So the Scores are as follows
    Venice-37 Points
    Spain-34 points
    Papal States-27 points
    Knights of Malta-20 points
    I hope all parties are satisfied, I know humility is suppose to be a virtue that we all strive for, but so is honor and those young paiges of the white team were very honorable, it was just the elders that were not.

  6. Skeet,
    I wasn’t sure if you received my email concerning just that. The kids who are doing well suffering with those who’ve caused white team a defeat. I feel bad for not being able to lead the team to a victory, or even a higher position as we have in the past, and necessarily, I could be blamed for not keeping the order. But next time, the hammer will fall harder on myself and white banner. I’ll be sure of that.

    Hmm, how about an official slogan for white banner? “Into the Forge!” πŸ™‚

    If there is anything you specifically see I need to work with in regards to myself, please inform me of them. As the best way to improve White Banner is working with myself.

  7. Father,
    Thank You that means a lot to me. I try to not only do the encampment justice by being the best I know how to be, I also try to do Thom justice by filling the BIG shoes that he left behind. I feel as thought that Thom is right there behind me and still guiding me, and the Knights onwards towards victory. This is a great task, following in the footsteps of greatness. I believe Father Bonaventure put it best when he told me that Our Lady puts us where she wants us, not where we believe we should go.

    Master Paul,
    Listen you lead the white team with a greatness that has yet to be unveiled to its fullest potential. You have shown in the past your ability to lead them through the thick and the thin. Everyone falls once in a while, and as one of Father Tito’s homilies goes, β€œA little boy asked monks what they did everyday.” Their response was β€œWe fall and then pick ourselves right back up.” I know you can pick up your team and lead them to victory, I know it because Thom knew it when we picked the team captains.

  8. Skeet,
    Thank you for the commendation, but you hold me in too high. After all, I was the leader of the Night Watch, and was SOUNDLY asleep during my watch. Falling is the means by which we strive higher. Or quoting my icon, Batman *cough* πŸ˜› “Why do we fall down? So we can pick ourselves back up.”

    I believe we actually had somewhat of a chance to gain a higher position, if I hadn’t opened my mouth about certain things. (For this reason, I fear that White Banner wants my head on a platter.)

    Out of curiousity, I was wondering if I could carry a 6mm Airsoft Pistol so that I can metaphorically ‘shoot’ those of my team who cause trouble and give a hard time. lol I once asked Mr. Girard if I could something along those lines, (Jokingly). And his answer came with his famous laugh, “Sure. But make sure of one thing…that no one sees you do it!” πŸ˜‰

  9. That sounds like a Thom statement. I will have to agree with him. You know you can also have a “sniper” using a paintball gun perhaps?

  10. Gents: Our Queen will envigorate the Knights of Malta (White team). As for any injustice, it was helpful for Greg to see that our actions (even simple personal laxity) has a ripple effect. Gregory knows how to get himself in trouble easily… he just didn’t happen to do it this encampment. And he was quite forgiving about the so called ‘injustice’.

    You are right though… I was proud of the younger ones. I was even proud of the Grand Marshal and of Master Paul not for their successes, but for their love & effort!

    Marc & Thom are watching us and directing much of this.

    As for shooting those on our team… I think they were sorry for the noise they made. I think their skit was mortification enough for them… I don’t think it was all just meant for hillarity sake. Whoever inspired that skit was listening to the Trinity at the time.

    Venerable Padre, I thank you for the energy you put into all this… especially for putting up with us all.

    Ave Maria

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