The Illustrious Marceg

Paul @ Catholic Discussion on the late and great Marc Girard.

6 thoughts on “The Illustrious Marceg

  1. Nice! Sure wish I had a chance to meet this young man and his dad. I literally missed them by a WEEK. MY LOSS!

    But as today comes to a close at the office… all we can think about is heading up to be at the Friary and for my son and I to begin on the same road that Marc & his dad were on.

    I hope to make even ONE TENTH the progress they made.

    May our Maternal Queen bless & protect this Encampment and make our lives Holy and spotless… may she turn us into true Knights of Lepanto… unafraid of anything except displeasing our Eucharistic King.

  2. I write from Venezuela My name is Laura … Marc knew the history of the program thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I really found it a very heroic act so well cry with your story. It was an act of courage and love for his father! and for me is a hero I would have liked to know Marc Look like crazy this club and my search paid off!
    I hope you greetings from;)

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