I, Father Angelo Mary, forswear my allegiance to the attackers of the watch fire and solemnly pledge my service and blood to the defense of truth and justice and to the aid of the ENCAMPMENT NIGHT WATCH from the last dog watch at eight bells of Saturday, October 11 to the morning watch at four bells on Sunday, October 12.

Let it be further known that the dastardly and cowardly attackers will no longer be at liberty to promulgate rules to their own advantage and the Squires of the NIGHTWATCH will be victorious in the integrity of honor and fairplay.

All are welcome to suggest rule changes and to congratulate me on my new allegiance.

. . . now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

40 thoughts on “Turncoat!

  1. I fear that you shall be pledging more of your blood than service. It is my sincerest hope that the squires shall be content with a victory “in the integrity and honor of fairplay“, for that is the only victory that shall be tolerated.

  2. Father Angelo,
    Not to show any disrespect to a worthy advesary, let alone a man of the cloth, but you father stinks of elderberries, and your mother wears combat boots. Bring it on OLD MAN!!!

  3. Steve and Skeet,

    I am afraid the only victory worth having in that of honor and fairplay. We will be happy to serve you up some blood. Yours!!! (metaphorically speaking). You guys are going to have a long night. Make sure you get some naps before you come and play boy scout.

    Paul, no need for paintball guns. Just bring your game face.

  4. You know not of what you ask Father. It is written, so it shall be done, and once again the fire will be taken. You can not stop us, we will not cease in achieving our ultimate goal of taking teh fire, and now the added bonus of humiliation of our mentor.

  5. I should think you would be happy to get whatever help you could find. We are so going to humiliate those self-inflated windbags. Just you wait until they have to show their shameful red faces on Sunday morning at the award ceremony. Just you wait!

  6. Wait award Ceremony??? Why what is this? I don’t thinkthere is an award for loosing your fire. Maybe we can call it lost in the Dark, or the Blind Leading the Blind award, maybe the Nightwatch Ninnies. Of course for Father Angelo all he will have for breakfast is Humble Pie.

    P.s. Do I smel some kind of outlandish wager here?? I shave my head bic bald if you can capture me, and you will shave your beard if the fire is caught?
    The dice have been thrown sir, and as gentlemen if you accept my wager I expect it to be honored!

  7. fine I thought the beard was off limits but shal we make a gentlemans wager. Seeing as all we are both gentlman I think we can come to an agreement.
    Does this mean that Father Ignatius can not attack the fire, or is it just you that have turned your back on us Father?

  8. I’ll work on getting us a Jolly Roger father! Death to all who attempt to take the fire! Brandish your swords! Double the Guard! The attackers shall meet their end! Here’s a little taste of some new tactics:

  9. Master Paul Xavier,

    Brandish your swords? Double the guard? Weren’t you one of the three guards comfortably asleep as I captured the fire at 4:15 this morning?

    Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful.

  10. Yes, I shall humbly admit so. I am quite pitiful indeed. In fact, White Banner can testify to such! But quoting Tolkien’s marvelous works, we find that Gollum was pitied by Bilbo. Gandalf goes on to say that even such a miserable and pitiful creature as Gollum has some part to play… So watch out… 😉

  11. Not that I am jumping on the pity wagon, but I have to say that the Nightwatch had a 12 point lead going into the 12 am hour when the elders of the barbain Horde took over. So I will let teh maryvictrix bloggers decide who are the true victors.

  12. A win is a win. As Skeet says, we were up by 12. That was not by accident. Yes it was pathetic that some of the night watchmen slept, but so did the attackers. They decided they needed sleep more than two points.

    In any case, we have broken our five loss slump. At least it didn’t take us as long to learn as the Red Sox.

    Mind you, I still think the night watchmen should reflect on the traditional penalty for sleeping on military guard duty: death.Of course, this only a game, but some kind of metaphorical gameplay execution seems appropriate.Besides Night Watch represents the guarding of our faith. If we sleep on that watch, we die a second death, a spiritual one that is worse than the physical first death.

    I am sure Skeet can come up with a suitable punishment. I have several suggestions: 1) the older boys should be informed at the beginning of the Encampment of what the penalty for sleeping on Night watch will be and especially for loosing the game; 2) they should also be told what the qualifications for being a part of the Night Watch Squad will be (it should be more than age; we need a merit/demerit system for the Encampment); 3) loosing the game should result in the individual loosing personal points that carry over to the next encampment and sleeping on watch should disqualify the individual from playing the game at the next encampment.

    Furthermore, it seems to me that the Officer of the Night Watch or War Lord should have the obligation to send to bed anyone sleeping or otherwise being derelict of duty. In which case it will absolutely be necessary to enforce the watch shifts and to send to bed anyone whose shift is not on.

  13. You mean to tell me that the Night Watch fell asleep – and you still call that a win?! You’ve got to be kidding. How could they lose with “rules” like that? (Rules, incidentally, that were created by the turncoat that joined the night watch.)


  14. Steve,

    My repsonse:

    1. Which is more pathetic, that the sleeping night watchmen won, or that the attackers failed to beat the sleeping night watchmen? I think the latter.

    2. The rules were agreed upon beforehand. I made the modications asked for by the Grand Marshal.

    3. It is pathetic that you blame the rules for having prevented your team from beating a bunch of sleeping boys.

    4. Better luck next time.

    5. The real reason we won is because one of the boys had the innocence and fervor to take for the motto of the night watch the words of St. Maxilian paraphrasing scripture: “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me thru the Immaculate”

    6.If you insist perhaps we should change the rules to require the boys to leave the fire unguarded for a longer period of time, say three hours instead of two?

    7.Turncoat and proud of it. Besides we won. My intentions were honorable. The rules before were so to the disadvantage of the boys, made as they were by their opponents. I just made them a little more fair.

    8. I still say a sleeping Night watchman should be metaphorically shot.

  15. 1. I wasn’t there, unfortunately, (otherwise the outcome would have been much, much different,) so I’m assuming that the sleeping “Watch”men were kindly woken up by the Hoard each time that the fire was taken? Just how many times did the Hoard have to wake up the “Watch”ing boys before the rules allowed them to attack again?

    2. I’m confused. If Death is the penalty for sleeping at watch, then how could the outcome be victory? I doubt Saint Paul had this in mind when he declared, “O Death where is your victory? O Death where is your sting?”

    3. The motto is a good one, except in this case it should be modified thus: “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me thru the Immaculate – except stay awake a few hours.”

    4. We won’t need luck next time.

    5. The rules can stay as is as far as I’m concerned, except, as you say, to metaphorically execute the sleepers. Perhaps a bucket of ice water (after we take the fire) in addition to elimination from the game would be in order.

    6. You will recieve your due reward at the next encampment.

    7. Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

  16. By the way, congratulations on your deserved victory. For a victory it was despite the sleeping watchers. The Hoard will have to double their efforts henceforth.

  17. Yes the rules were fair, and honorable there os no doubt there on either side. they were agreed upon by both parties. The sleeping night watchmen shall have just due punishment. I already have ideas. THough I will say that the sleeping watch men isn’t anymore pathetic than the ones who huddled around the fire, went to the kitchen, left theri post, and lost 6 points. That is pathetic seeing as all that the Horde was down a hunter, and the lack of foresight for on of it’s memers to set his alarm for a.m. not p.m.

    Hey to make it intresting for the next encampment as a rule change to be voted on by the people for the people why don’t we give 3 points to the Religious on both sides. Meaning if a religous for the horde take the fire than that team gets 3 points, and if a religous for the honorable knight watchmen tag a horde member than they get 3 points for thier team? Let’s put it to a vote shall we Father?

  18. Skeet – I think the idea has merit, but 3 points for taging a hoard member might be a bit unfair. It is much more difficult to take the fire than to tag an attacker.

    Or perhaps we should turn it around… Since a religious is more important strategically, (like the bishop in chess,) the team that tags a religious gets more points. Of course, we would have to even up the numbers of religious per team.

  19. doesn’t matter, i was there and on the night watch and i did not fall asleep til like 2’ok when their was like no attacking. the reason why we won was because you attacked i think twice the whole night and they weren’t really anything, easily dealth with.

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