Ecclesiastical Manliness.

More of this, please.

Pope sends the old liturgical guard out to pasture.  Bye.

Bishop gets invited to gay conference, accepts and then preaches the truth to the participants.  Clever courage.

Sword Salute to David and Charlie.

Sorry, slow on the trigger.

5 thoughts on “Ecclesiastical Manliness.

  1. Hot diggety and Hallelujah. I didn’t think I’d see some of this in my lifetime. I just pray that these few brave men give courage to many of the others who think similarly but have been too chicken to speak up. It starts with the Holy Father, of course, but we do need some brave bishops in this Country in order to get an American ground swell.

    Oh, the possibilities of these types of things just send chills up my spine. :0)

  2. Fr. I LOVE the titles you give things sometimes. Sometimes all I need to see is just a title of one of your bylines and it is enough to cheer me up.

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  4. I am grateful for the wisdom and courage of our Holy Father, the clergy and religious like Soto, Burke, Chaput, Pavone and our good fathers of the Friary who inspire and lead good men to carry on in what at times seems such an overwhelming battle. Archangel Saint Michael pray for us.

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