Lest She Be Struck Dead

Pray for the conversion of M. Louise Ciccone Ritchie, holder of the world record for the longest sustained blasphemy.  Definately not Another Mary, inspite of the alias.

Sword salute to David.

5 thoughts on “Lest She Be Struck Dead

  1. We definitely need to pray for her .. but also for her parents. I cannot imagine the pain of raising my children and having one of them truly go to the depths of such licentious, crude and immoral public behavior as Madonna has. It would destroy me. Her entire career from the get-go has been disgusting and tragic. My heart bleeds for her family who is probably so humiliated and live in constant fear of her soul and the souls she is dragging into the bowels of hell along with her. And, as stated, to have the name she has just sends one over the edge.

  2. I think what is the worst part about this is the influence that this person has on young girls. I personally know several that want to dress like her, dance like her, talk like her,ect……….. I would be more concerned about all those young girls……………..

  3. I think we also need to pray for one of her siblings too. I have a vague memory of hearing that one of her brothers dresses her and assists her in everything. So the parents not only have 1 but 2 children that need to get a grip.

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