And Another Thing!. . .Or Two

About Oprah, her mindless babble and her Palin allergy.

Why Alex Jones gives me the heeby jeebies, and why I find Ron Paul’s association with him very disturbing.

11 thoughts on “And Another Thing!. . .Or Two

  1. What Zeal!!!! “Alex Jones” We need priest like that to go after our politions. I
    think abortion would be overturn by now. To bad he isn’t catholic. You need to go to his web site is material is documented . He’s had some big name people on his show.
    Please research is info before you call him a nutbag. I know some good priest who
    like him.

  2. In my mind, whatever investigative reporting he does is undermined by his self-serving horn-blowing and sensationalism. Seems his work is more about Alex Jones than anything else and his method is to appeal to the credulous and the fearful.

    If you are convinced by evidence that a conspiracy exists, then marshal the evidence courageously and dispassionately. I see no difference between Jones and the average conspiracy monger.

  3. Mr. Girard believed in conspiracies… 🙂 And actually, the views Marc and I had about Freemasonry were based off of ‘conspiratal’ evidence. Whether or not you believe there is a New World Order or not, is up to you. But there IS a New World Order. Might not be the Galactic Empire (Police State) set up by Darth Vader (forgive me Skeet, I mean Palpatine, ) but there is definately a change in societies Order. Compare Christendom to the Modern Age. It is a NEW “WORLD” Order. Having taken Christ out of the equation. And to say that the masons have had a part in it is reasonable, since after all, why has the Church condemned FreeMasonry? For seeking to mislead society and subvery Holy Mother Church.

    Oh! And I saw a UFO land in the opposite field during the Night Watch! (Haha, sorry. Had to do it!!! You see, there is a fine line between reasonable ‘conspiracies’ and going overboard.) But it doesn’t hurt to have an alluminum foil hate nearby. Just in case! 😉 *cough*

  4. Well… I only read this just now… and frankly I agree with Master Paul.

    Hmmm… a SNARKY Franciscan… It’s hard for me to visualize that… but I have no problem once I put on MY tin hat.

    When I begin to think of all the strange things that are possible (especially in light of what appeared to happen on 9/11)… my mind starts to hurt with the possibilities.

    My only hope at that point is to literally RUN to the Blessed Sacrament because it’s all to much for me.

    Seriously… it is that running to the Mantle of Mary and gazing upon her Boy King which is what keeps us all from going from snarky to daffy, I think!

  5. I still think Jones is a poor excuse for a journalist and wouldn’t trust his jundgment if my life depended on it. Just see how disrespectfully he treated a lady in the second video in the nutbag link.

  6. Yes, I agree. He’s not exactly exuding credibility. Nevertheless… the very intricate inconsistencies of 9/11 do mount up when you begin looking at all the information and video. This is especially true if you like to look at things from an engineering point of view. If you ignore all the emotional hype from both the neocons and the lefties and just start examining footage and testimony for yourself it gets a little troubling. They (the troubling questions) are too numerous to recount here. What makes it even more suspicious are the two VERY LARGE “put options” on the airlines involved (largest in trading history) and several other complex financial transactions (including an insurance deal on the entire WTC complex completed only days before 9/11) which are odd in their timing. Combine that with the fact that receiving cell phone calls from someone in an airliner was not really technically reliable until 2003… and you have some very difficult things to explain.

    Honestly… I was outraged when it happened and accepted the “official story” quite easily. However… as I began looking at bits of information surrounding the events I am now full of doubts. And the truth is that my friends know me to be rather “hawkish” in my outlook of foreign affairs.

    I think there are a lot of idiots out there pushing a “conspiracy theory”. But that does not mean that all “theories” but the accepted theory are incorrect.

    The more I learn about Freemasonry… and the more I know about those running the Israeli government, the more I wonder!

  7. Is Jones the one who is frm Canada? Well, quite honestly and charitably, I believe the man has lost the last of his precious marbles. In other words, he is not mentally stable.

    As far as all these theories, unless you truly have ALL the facts, which none of us do, then everything becomes speculative … period. We’re sort of at the mercy of our leaders and must pray that, given all the data .. of which they have far more than we, they’re truly making the best decision on our behalves as possible. Honestly, I cannot live with thinking any other way. I’m sure I’m naive in some regards … or choosing to put my head in the sand, but there’s no way we can dig up all the facts so there is no way we can make an educated conclusion.

    As far as all this Freemasonry stuff goes, do you really believe there’s some deep, dark, undercover plot that they have? I guess I don’t know the Freemasons enough … I know people who are members and for the most part, they act like a Lions Club … trying to do good. Now, I understand that their higher leveled oaths or covenants are quite anti-Catholic and that as Catholics, we (men) are forbidden to join. But, I didn’t think of their goals as evil in nature … just misdirected, if you will. Hmmm.

  8. Jen: I agree with you re: the fact that we at some point we have to abandon all this stuff to the thrones of Jesus & Mary because you are right: “…we will ever have all the facts.:

    As for Freemasonry… there are 13 papal documents condemning Freemasonry. Freemasons have been on both sides of most of the major wars for the last 300 years. They are experts at social engineering.

    Do I believe there is one GIANT conspiracy… not really. But I do believe that generally they operate to undermine the Church and that they have infiltrated the Church within the last 100 years. There are credible assertions from credible people which attest to that… (too much to get into here). They operate in the seminaries, in local chanceries, and in Ivy league schools.

    I would say that the present heresy we find ourselves plagued by in the Church today (the heresy of the Modernists) is the brainchild of Freemasonic thought.

    We need to learn to recognize it and fight it with everything we have.

    Ave Maria

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