Another Reason to Just Turn Oprah Off

Before your brain leaks out your ears:

What I saw with Barack Obama was something that was transcendent and I felt transformational for me as a human being and for this country. And I only pray in the deepest part of my being that America will rise to this moment. And I feel that what he was able to offer us as individual citizens and as a united country was something that we have never seen before. I really, I think it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Fortunately it seems that the “One” just might be done.

6 thoughts on “Another Reason to Just Turn Oprah Off

  1. I hear a double gurgle as two careers are flushed. Oprah has clearly and publicly chosen left wing idealism over any hint of independence, or is it racially motivated? Either way she marginalizes a large chunk of her demographics. And of course the “chosen one” appears to be the choice of less and less middle class Americans.

    And what is so delicious is that the media elite and Hollywierd are in a state of abject confusion as to what to do about it. Their “out-of touchness” is biting them on their pimply rear-ends. Ya gotta love it!

  2. “I’m Every Woman” is her mantra, and yet there’s one woman she’s not and won’t have anything to do with…she won’t entertain the pitbull with lipstick on her show. I frankly can’t imagine a more interesting female guest for her program, but I guess Oprah’s open mind has let in the sewage of the left and she wouldn’t dare risk exposing her audience to a woman of Palin’s caliber…I mean how risky would THAT be? Some of her regular viewers might actually have a REAL epiphany while viewing the show instead of the stupid empty and thoughtless emotions Obama’s people are trying to evoke in her devotees.

  3. I posted about this. You do know that there is no evidence that anyone in the Palin or McCain camp asked to be on Oprah, right? This is a topic that someone put out there and everyone has ran with it. Oprah is not having any of the candidates on her show during this time, not even Obama who she supports. This is a decision that she made a while ago. But once something like this is put out in the media, everyone runs with it.

  4. grow up marcyac. whoa to the O staffer who leaked this. ask Tatoo if he’s heard “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. the bs liberal media went after palin harder in 1 week than they did sitting on devoted father jon edward’s highjinx for 8 mos. no disparity there……rriiiiiigggghhhhhttt! oprah exposed for what she is — you can fill in the blanks i’m sure. like my good ol’ grandpa used to say after church, “be careful, they’re all Christians til we get to the parking lot”

  5. marcyac,

    My post has nothing to do with Oprah’s life threatening allergy to Palin.

    Read the quote. This post is about the hysterical religious fervor Obamamania that is making Oprah the Holy Roller of the New Age movement–a condition that boils the brain.

  6. I can’t figure out whether the woman is an evil left-wing mastermind of manipulation or a spiritually befuddled airhead whom I ought to pity and would if she wasn’t so stinking rich. Not having had a tv in years, I glean my information from websites and blogs, so I’m not the best-informed person to make assumptions about people, but there is definitely something very, very unsettling about a mere media personality attaining (or attempting to attain) guru-status…

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