The Archbishop Has Not Wasted Any Time

Archbishop Raymond Burke, the new prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, and thereby the pope’s canon lawyer, has not wasted any time in authorizing any minister of communion to deny the Eucharist to phony Catholic politicians.  I should clarify that the good bishop has not done this in any official capacity but in the context of a interview with the Italian magazine, Radici Christiane.  In any case it is very significant that Archbishop Burke, in his new and very powerful capacity, has been willing to commit himself once again to this position in the public forum at all.  This clearly means that he is willing to back this up with his authority if necessary.

Woohoo!  Finally!

I wonder what Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Doug Kmiec are thinking now.

Might I not suggest a special ceremony to celebrate.  Something like the following:

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8 thoughts on “The Archbishop Has Not Wasted Any Time

  1. The video is REALLY awesome. It must be a clip from a movie on St. Thomas a Becket (sp). Do you know the name of the movie it is from? I’ll have to see if blockbuster carries it.

  2. Thank the Lord. I have Catholic friends that are voting for these jokers time and again. They are anti-war. Well in catholicism there is room for argument on what is a just war, but abortion is a closed topic. These people can’t reason at all. They are totally emotionally consumed. I wonder if the media will report this.

  3. Actually, I too was wondering what the name of the move was!

    Looks absolutely wonderful.

    Where can I get that video Fr. Angelo?

  4. I wonder if the movie is called “Becket”. Could it be? I’m so bad with actors so I don’t know who was playing Becket in this clip. That would maybe help to find the movie.

  5. Yes everyone, the movie is called Becket and stars Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole.

    I have to say that there are parts of the movie that are immodest and sexualized, as the storyline emphasizes the life of debauchery of King Henry II and Becket before the latter’s conversion. (This is not historically accurate, Becket was not a profligate as was made out in the movie). If it weren’t for this I would be able to recommend the film without hesitation, especially since O’Toole is magnificent as the wicked Henry II.

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