In Transit

I am in La Crosse for the dedication of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is to begin a few hours from now and which will be televised by EWTN.  I will try to get some pictures for AirMaria.

Meanwhile, Bob Fox and his son Gregory drove all the way from Long Island to attend the Encampment.  Bob has written about the experience on his blog.

This non conformity with the present age speaks volumes to young boys and men, and rejects the symbols of the present cultural and moral haziness and laziness! These men draw from the rich past of our civilization when it was at one time informed by Catholic ideals. This community exemplifies the Kingship and absolute sovereignty of Jesus Christ in every age… and they indirectly remind us that it is the Church which builds civilization… it’s not the other way around!

4 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. My family got to see the Friars on EWTN! I can;t wait till I get home from the office to see it. Unfortunately that’s as close as we will get to Griswold CT this weekend. Safe journey home dear friars.

    IJM Bob

  2. I was unable to watch the dedication this afternoon. I’m hoping Airmaria will have bits of it for us to watch. Actually, MaryVictrix might be the better place for a video since AirMaria’s server has had some troubles!! 😉

    Also, as for the Long Island friend, Bob, yes …. The Friary is a very special place! It’s an answer to many people’s prayers, I think … a place where our Heavenly God and Mother are not being compromised. A place where our Church’s teachings are preached boldly and yet charitably. It’s refreshing.

  3. Is there a place to view this Dedication? Is there something on a La Crosse website perhaps? If so, what is the website? I can try to google it but if you know exactly where I could view this, I’d be very grateful.


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