In Memoriam: Thom and Marc Girard

It is only now that I have been able to bring myself to announce formally on this blog an event of immensely tragic proportions.  Two of our Knights of Lepanto, father and son died by accidental drowning on Monday, June 30.  Thomas Girard, was pronounced dead at the scene around 8:30 pm and his son Marc died around 2:00 am, July 1 in Providence hospital.

Thom was one of our finest knights and a first rate example of all I wanted the knights to be: courageous, committed, kind, geniune and loyal.  Mark was his father’s son.

Thom has been the Grand Master of all our encampments, both last year and this year.  He had many years experience as a scout master, but more than that he had really imbibed the Spirit of Lepanto and understood how to communicate it to others.  He really was what I wanted all the knights to be.

Marc was inducted into the Knights at the spring encampment this year, after having been among the squires since we began the Knights several years ago.  When Thom became distressed as he was swimming with his daughter Hanna, Marc, who was swimming with his younger brother Lucas, told his brother to continue to the other side, went to the rescue and saved Hanna’s life and then attempted to save his father also.  Marc died a hero, a true knight.  He was his father’s son.

Please pray for the repose of their souls.  The one consolation I keep returning to is that now we have two knights who, in the words of St. Maximilian, have both hands free.

Thom and  Marc leave behind Carol, wife and mother, Jacqueline, daughter and sister, Adam, son and brother, Lucas, son and brother and little Hanna, daughter and sister.  Please pray for them also.  They are strong, full of faith and hope, but their suffering is hard to imagine.

Thom wrote an elaborate knight’s “ritual” by which we could induct the older boys into the Knights of Lepanto.  We have used it only once, for the induction of Marc back at the Spring Encampment.  I reproduce part of it here.  The words of the “Father” were pronounced by me, but the whole “ritual” was written by Thom.  This was a dialoque between father and son:

The Candidate then kneals before the priest.

Father:  In days gone by, there existed many orders of knighthood which recognized the skill and honor of their members.  In the service of their King, and in the defense of the noble ideals of chivalry, embodied in their Queen, did these orders achieve their exalted ranks. . .You have now been brought face to face with the Order of the Knights of Lepanto and have been adequately impressed with the seriousness of this obligation which you are about to take upon yourself.  As God is our King of Kings and Mary our Queen are you prepared to take the vow of the brotherhood?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I am.

Father:  Guards remove his penance . . .[after the penance is removed]  Will you be loyal to the Catholic Church, the Pope, to the Order of the Knights of Lepanto, and your brother Knights?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I will.

Father:  Good Brother, in our company you must not seek lordship or riches, nor honor, nor bodily ease.  You must seek three things:  to renounce and reject the sins of this world; to do the service of Our Lord and Our Lady; and to be poor and penitent according to your means.  Will you promise to God and Our Lady that henceforth, all the days of your life that you will do these things?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I will.

Father:  That you will live in chastity according to your means in life?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I will.

Father:  That you will uphold the good customs of this house?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I will.

Father:  That you will never leave the Order, neither through strength or weakness, niether in worse time or better?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I will.

Father:  In the name of God, of Our Lady, of St. Francis and St. Maximilian Kolbe and of our father Pope Benedict XVI, from its beginning and until its end, we accord you all the benefits of this house.  We promise you bread and water, hardship, work and the poor robe of this house.  Knight of the Patrocinium, bring forth the Great Sword of our order. . . .

Father: [holding the sword as the cross in front of the candidate] Acknowledge this sword, its brightness stands for faith, its point for hope, and its guard for charity.  Remember well that the sword of Chivalry should be drawn only in defense of God, or of those weaker than yourself. Do you acknowledge the values of this sword?

Candidate:  In the name of God, I do.

Father:  [returning the sword] Let the scroll be read.

Herald:  To all who can hear:  Whereas Marc has dedicated himself to high and noble service to God and the Kingdom of Heaven in war and in peace, we are minded to enroll him into the Knights of Lepanto.  We do hereby elevate and affirm Marc for his unique talents soo to be known throughout the world.  To which we set our hands this 24th day of May, as Christ is our King and Mary our Queen.

Thom gave all the speaking roles to the other knights and to myself during the ritual, but all the words were his, and it was all meant for Marc.

When we performed the induction of Mark, I had only had the time to glance at the ritual very quickly.  I had  complete trust that what Thom had come up with would be appropriate.

But when I read the words out loud to Marc:  “as God is our King of Kings and Mary our Queen are you prepared to take the vow of the brotherhood?” I thought to myself, “I hadn’t planned on anyone taking a vow right now.”  And then when I heard myself saying: “Will you promise to God and Our Lady that henceforth, all the days of your life that you will do these things?”  and Marc said yes both times, I thought, “I will have to revise this for next time.”  In any case, I figured that it was all intended in the right spirit, and expressed the Spirit of Lepanto so perfectly, so I said nothing.

Little did I know that Thom and Mark had providentially entered into the Knightly order together and were to seal their promise in this tragic and yet heroic event.  Thom and Marc used exactly the right words and they meant what they said.

Thom will be buried with the Great Sword of our order.  Similar arrangements are being made for Marc as well.  They promised to be true knights of Our Lady, and,

In the name of God, they were.

A family friend, Johanna Kotecki, has established the Girard Family Fund at the Bank of America branch at 590 West Main St. , Norwich CT 06360. Donations may be made there.

News article:  Norwich Bulletin

Summary of News:  Other Marys

55 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Thom and Marc Girard

  1. Truly what being a Knight was meant to be. Thom and Marc will be missed more than they ever knew – but we know that God’s will is not ours and we recall the words in the office that are difficult but true – “IN YOUR WILL IS OUR PEACE” It takes a true Knight to understand those words in these most trying of times, and the cross is our only true means of understanding God’s will. As Father Angelo said about Marc at Mass last night – “HE WAS HIS FATHER’S SON” which makes the most sense if we look at what Christ did for his father as well. Rest in peace Dear Knights!

  2. What a loving and solid tribute. And I have to say that Carol, throughout all of this present suffering, has truly embodied “The Other Mary” in her suffering. Others have called her truly a Proverbs 31 woman. We stand with her, at the foot of the cross, at the foot of Carol’s cross, and pray that Our Lady strengthens her as She does all those who share in Her Son’s suffering.

  3. My heartfelt prayers and support go out to the entire family. May God watch over, provide and protect Carol and her children. May God Bless all the work that these two men did!

  4. I had no idea that Marc first saved his sister! He was surely a true hero as this nice memoriam states. WFSB did a very nice tribute to them as well. I will continue lifting this family up in prayer and continue lifting all of you who were dear friends. Although the family suffers most, dear friends suffer a lot, too … a real lot.

  5. It is a privilege to be a member of the MIM Cenacle with such a virtuous family. It is also an honor to share this suffering with them and join them at the foot of the Cross. Our boys and men are very blessed to have two such incredible role models to look up to at all future encampments. The 1st boy knighted has truly set the standard at the highest level.

  6. This is an amazing story of a true knight that died in battle to save another’s life. It is shocking and sad but beautiful and amazing at the same time. This boy was truly a hero and a great role model.

  7. I don’t know how much help this will be, but I have plastered the posting located below on Catholic Match in every room possible and have asked all my CM friends to forward this on to all those in their email address lists. If anyone feels so inclined here to do the same, please feel free to copy and paste what I’ve written and forward it on much like a chain letter or those Amber Alerts we get via email so that this can make its way around the country. God will provide for this lady and her children. I am certain that her husband will not leave her unattended. My prayers and penances are with you Carol.


    Below are two links to the story of this Third Order Franciscan Family who are desperately in need of any help from anyone around the country! Both father and son died in a drowning accident on Monday after having lost their home to a fire and the fathers job in a layoff. The mother is now living in a camper with 4 remaining children…. You have to read this story! The son who died had just made vows as a Knight of Lepanto and was about to begin his priestly studies in a couple of weeks with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate!

  8. 🙂 I miss you so much Marc and Mr. Girard…but you are in heaven with my little brother Elias..finally he has a big brother and a Dad!! And you better all behave!!
    I love you both and you were right Marc…I was never sorry 🙂

  9. As I write this tears of joy, and of sorrow are welling up in my eyes, so if I have any misspelling please forgive me. Thom was a true knight as Father has stated. He had all the makings of a true knight for Our Lady. He showed wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord. As you might have guessed these are also the gifts of the Holy Spirit who flowed out of Thom at various stages throughout the encampment process (preparing, and enacting). He also had justice, he never gave up on that “lost sheep”. When problem arose between boys he was always fair, and prudent in his judgments, usually the rights always overcame the wrongs, I think Thom always worked it out that way. He was an example of the way a knight, a Father, and a Grand Pubah, should be. I always looked to him for inspiration, and guidance. I will continue to do so. Thom will always stand out in my mind as someone who laughed and laughed, and laughed. His house burns down, he laughs, the mortgage company pulls a fast one on him, he laughs, he cooks a turkey in a garbage can for thanksgiving dinner, and it is ready 3 days later, he laughs. Nothing could defeat this man, nothing. Now I’m not saying he isn’t human and didn’t have his moments, but every time you saw Thom is was a guarantee that he was with one of his kids, and he was laughing.
    Marc knew this. That is why he never would let his father go alone, no not Marc. Marc wouldn’t let go of anything without a fight. He, he, and what can I say about Marc that has not already been said, thought or remembered. He was, is, and will always be a hero and a Saint in my mind. To go through the “system” with both hands up fighting away the devil at every turn, every corner, for Our Lady and Our Lord. I mean come on, his house burns down, he lives in a camper, takes his younger sibling to the bathroom in 2 feet of snow, up stairs onto a floor that is all wet ant rotting, brings them back, without any complaint, but just the opposite, he thinks it is great because of how many souls he is saving. What 18 year old has the mindset, the resolve, the fortitude of that young man, and wouldn’t be considered a Saint. Please send us miracles Marc, I want to be at St. Peter’s when your banner is unveiled, so we can all recite the Knight’s Salter in your honor. He is truly a hero, and Thom and Carol should be held up as models of what parents should emulate, strive for, revere, and achieve. Your will be missed Friar Tobey, you will be missed. Like Thom, Marc laughed in his own way, a sarcastic comment here, and a sigh behind a smile there, the non-guilty look he gave when you know for sure he did something that he should look guilty for. The way he always played with kids of all ages from my 1 year old, to a sarcastically mean 30 year old, he ways always willing to play.
    I pray that my sons will one day be able to be as heroic as Marc was throughout his life, and in his death.
    I will miss Thom smiling behind that big bushy beard of his, those kind eyes looking deep into your heart, and seeing you for you. I will miss Marc, or Friar Tobey as I loving called him, going 40 mph on the ranger through the woods. I will miss both of them just being…them. I am consoled though knowing that they are looking down from heaven saying to us, “Come on guys, we got it good, we made it, be strong.” Thom, Marc your legacy will live on forever, you are true Knights.

  10. A beautiful tribute by FrAngelo and all of you. Both men will be missed. Thom’s laughter filled whatever place he was in. Thom and Carol were so strong after the fire. I was so edified by the whole family. I am even more so now. I saw Jacqueline and Carol comfort those around them last night. Truely examples of Our Lady. My prayers are with Carol and the kids.

  11. Although I wasn’t blessed to know Thom and Marc, I feel a deep connection as part of the FI family at Mt St. Francis. Know that we share your grief and keep you all in our prayers. May God give us His peace.
    “In You, Lord, is our hope: And we shall never hope in vain.”

  12. Marc, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you more. When you were little I was able to be around you and play. I do remember playing with you and I always will. Give Pepere a hug for me. You and your dad will always be in my prayers. I think that is the hardest time of the weekly mass for me when we reflect and remember our loved ones I always get a frog in my throat. I will try to help your mom and brothers and sisters out as much as I can. There is a big circle of friends and they are strong. May God bless you both.

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  14. May Marc’s sacrificial love for his siblings and father always be an example to all.
    This young man did not count the cost because he was moved entirely by love. His first teachers were his mom and dad. He nutured his faith and love for all by listening to the Friars of the Immaculate. It seems his heart had been perfectly prepared. May the children we know have a deep love for their parents. And may parents realize the greatest possibilities in their children! AVE MARIA TOM AND MARC

  15. Thom and Marc,

    You are an inspiration and an example to those of us with lesser faith and prowess. Pray for us! Pray for the Knights of Lepanto! Through your intercession may the Knights win souls and hammer heresies! Help us to discern the right paths to tread, the most important wrongs to right and the most worthy souls to pray for.

    Show us the way to Heaven and by your prayers help us to guide our families to heaven. Dudes – we’ll party soon but we need your help to get us there!

    Tell Our Lady that we love her – despite our human frailty and the fact that the evidence for this is scanty.

    Ave Maria! – till we meet again!

  16. We in the Confraternity of Penitents are not only praying for Thom and Marc but also praying to them. May they intercede for us who are still on the journey.

    Thank you for sharing the rite of knighthood. How perfect it was! And I shuddered to read how these words came true: “We do hereby elevate and affirm Marc for his unique talents soo to be known throughout the world.” God’s ways are not our own. Marc desired to live the hidden life of a Friar of the Immaculate. Instead, God chose to have his story and his brave deed spread throughout the world via this blog and others. We in the CFP, for example, have placed a link to his story on our website and let our mailing list know via email. We have no idea where that email will go. Only God knows the fruits that will come and the vocations spawned because of Marc’s heroism. May God have mercy on his family who have lost so much and will have much healing to experience. Yet He does not take without giving. We know that, in time, the good that God wishes to bring from this loss will become evident. These times call for trust, surrender, and hope. God bless!

  17. My dear brothers in Christ, I regret never having the honor of meeting you personally this side of Heaven, however we did assist at Holy Mass together during the May Encampment on the Feast of Corpus Christi. You both were shining examples of chivalry and may the angels lead you into Paradise.
    I will pray for your souls and honor your memory by praying for Mrs. Girard and your children in this devastating loss.
    Ave Maria

  18. Father, that was very beautifully written…I am speachless that was just so beautful

  19. Faith in God. That is what we have, and have always lived. Like everyone of us, we have our faults. And Thom had his but he was man enough to admit his faults no matter how hard it was because he had faith. One of the hardest things in life for him was to go to weekly confessions, but he did, because he had faith. About 6 months ago Thom finally relized what God wanted him to do in life and that was to do exactly what he was doing. providing his kids with disipline and Love and of course fun. And treating his wife with respect and more Love than I knew what to do with. The friary was and is a gift from God to all of us and for that Thom was always grateful and happy. Just think, we all know Thom loves to talk…he’s probally up there now planning with St. Micheal the next battle

    Marc, my sweet young man. No words can be put down on how proud I am and how honored I am to call him mine. Of course along with his dad he’s fighting from above for us. I’m glad we are on thier side. I miss my true knights but I know they were never mine to keep. and Our Lady will use them wisely for our good. Till we meet again my heart will be broken and the tears will flow but I know Our Lady will be there for me. Ave Maria!!!!!!

  20. Knights of Lepanto……….Thank You all for the honor you showed my husband and son. You could ask for no better send off. Ave Maria ! Praise Be Jesus and Mary

  21. To the Gerard Family (deceased and living),
    I have no website yet I am deeply interested in helping in any spiritual way I can. I write to you now from the country India. What is to say to a family who hurts with such deep pains. Two family members lost in one moment. This is not easy. I am a Lay Catholic Foreign Missionary. There are pains in all corners of the world and I see these difficulties on the streets every day. What can I do for you in a time like this? I will be offering myself for you in several spiritual ways. I am working for God. I am available for God’s people. If you need me, I am only an email away. Through God we know one another.
    Brother Luke

  22. I just want to thank everyone for their tremendous support that has been given to my sister Carol and her children. It is over whelming and greatly appreaciated. My brother in law loved his family and loved God. He had answers for everything. EVERYTHING. My nephew Marc so soft spoken and sweet. My sister is enduring a great loss and our hearts hurt for her. God Bless you all for your love and support.

  23. A true friend will be missed by us all at the college. Thom and I would spend countless hours just talking. His unwaivering spirit, beliefs and his constant smile will continue to be an inspiration to me and many of his collegues. I came into work today hoping that the empty chair left by him would somehow be filled. It never will be, at least never in the same way.

    Thom left me with one statement nearly every day. He would say “go home and hug your children they need it”. It is something I do and something I cherish as a memory of him.

    Life will get back to normal again for us and for all of you as well who miss both Marc and Thom. Hopefully his spirit and legacy as a father, friend, and companion will stay will you all.

    Kevin D – a friend

  24. Thomas you were my Uncle and one I will always regret not seeing enough. Our lives took us different directions early on but as I grew older, I still carry wonderful memories from my youth that can never be replaced or forgotten.You took me swimming, fishing, sledding and taught me to ice skate all on grandpa’s pond. You showed signs of a loving father, friend and mentor long before you started your own family and they were blessed for having you in their lives while you were with them. Your laugh and smile will always be with me, I shall live life to the fullest and if I can someday be half the person you were as a parent, husband and friend, I will be grateful. Marc, we only had the privilege to meet once but I remember that although you were a quiet young teenager , there was a strength and light that gleamed from you and I was impressed with your presence even as a young child. I was not surprised to hear that you guided your brother, saved your sister, and used every bit of strength you had to save Thomas. I thank you for that. Reading over the comments from your friends and families memories, I have seen that I was fortunate to have a slice of time and love from Thomas, all the while you both provided a bakery of time and love for your friends, family and church. I will miss you both dearly and will spread laughter and love in your names all the days of my life.

  25. I forgot to mention that I have a serious sickness for Hockey thanks to Thomas and I’ll always be grateful for it. Its why I had to learn to ice skate, to play hockey like my uncle Thom. I still cant skate very well but next season I will lace them up and will try harder. I miss you

    Dean – nephew

  26. I don’t think anyone can truly realize what Marc was to me. The heavy burden of this lost is somewhat erased by the fact that we know Marc and his father were prepared to meet their end. And Marc indeed met his end most courageously and nobly. This reminds me of a line from the film, Gladiator, in which the main character states: “What we do in life, echoes in Eternity.” Marc’s heroic actions in saving his sister Hannah, and attempting to rescue his father, shall forever echo in the halls of time, and the annals of the Knights of Lepanto. A true Knight, Friend, and Fellow Blogger. I’ll miss all the fun we had tag-teaming atheists online, the fun we had singing together for our skits at the Encampment, and even the entirely pointless conversations we had on instant messenger.

    Marc shall be forever ideal of the Knight I shall ever strive for. He felt the calling to join the Franciscans, and we had great times joking about our ‘callings’ in life. (Especially on how he couldn’t grow a beard! 😉 ) But even he had great times teasing me about my future. “Whose the first person you think of when I say ‘wife’?” You just can’t be Marc’s personal sense of humor! So dry…so “Mahc.” 😛

    I feel justified in being able to pray to Marc for help. I don’t hold him as one in heaven simply because he was a friend, but because in everything he did, he earned it. He went to confession the day before the accident, received the Last Rites, and when blessed by a relic of St. Pio, entered into Cardiac Arrest. How many of us can be so fortunate to be so prepared!? 😀 Just the though sends a spark of joy through my soul. And I’m sure, with the help of both Marc and his father Thomas, that the Days with Mary, and the Knights of Lepanto, will be able to gain more grace for the world, and for us who mourn the loss of such great men.

    Sir Thomas and Sir Marc, True Knights of Our Lady, Victrix at Lepanto, Pray for Us!

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  28. My Father…was a Father everyone hopes for. He was willing to sacrifice everything he had for us…He tryed his very best to bring his family closer to Christ and he did just that…Because of Both my Father and Marc… I am as faithful as i can be…It will be a loss…But i am so very very blessed to have known them and lived with them…If they were here now they would want us to continue brining Christ and Our Lady to others…..They were and are my teachers…family….guidence….and everything…..A sister and a Daugther could not love them more then i have and my family has…we grew closer especially that last year… We now can not cry over sadness allthough we will miss them …we can cry tears of joy…because they found home….They will strengthen us and bring us closer to God…When you have God on your side you shouldnt be sad…because you will all be together again…

    Marc was my heroand Always will be Dad was aswell….I looked up to them both they guided me on the right path…They were the most faithful people I have every meet….Godbless you Daddy……Godbless you Marc….AVEMARIA!!!!

  29. Elaines stepson i loved you like a heroe thomas girard we were so close until the divorce i only have hope i am a quarter the man you were i have nothing but great memories the first 14 years of my life i to found god love god and carry on your parents legacy the past26 years of my life have been hard not knowing the girards losing touch but i knew thom and his brothers and one sister i consider my mom and i can testify and only hope and pray as i type this that some day i will be reunited with thom he meant the world to me he was more then my uncle a best friend and brother who i spent time with 48 weekends a year from 1970 to1984 the split of my folks i have taken the news with a heavy heart this is living proof that losing touch is bad because time is so short if any girards know me or remember me bob ed kenny or siblings i live in palm coast florida 7 bruning lane 32137 1-386-931-8589 in memory of a great man iwill always treasure you thomas girard thanks for all the memories you gave me and the foundation for alll i can be and more my prayers are with every girard carol and kids god bless your lost nephew Todd Secor.

  30. Thom:
    My little brother, my best friend, my heart., I miss you more than I can ever put into words…We had great times together you and I…we shared happy times, sad times, scarry times…joyful family times…times only a brother and sister can know….We shared confidences, secrets and a “lot” of laughter when no one else understood us. We cried together over so many things, but we always managed to get through because of each other. You were always my strength when I needed someone to listen….a shoulder to cry on….someone I could always truly be “me” with. You loved me inspite of my short comings…. I will treasure “all” of the memories of you for every day of my life. When you left us you took a big piece of my heart with you, but I know you are always still there with me and always will be. Give Mom, Dad, Larry and Marc (and Ray’s mom) the biggest hug ever for me and some day through God’s grace we will all be together again. Only you know the true meaning of this statement “you showed them who you really were, their loss that it took losing you from some people to realize it!”, you know who I mean……I’m so proud of who you were on this earth, the love and faith you had in God and our Blessed Mother, the love you had for your family, for our family, every day you showed it in every way. You were and still are a fine example of goodness for everyone. My faith is stronger because of you. My life was truly blessed the day you were born and I’m proud that you are my brother. So many people are honoring you…I’m sure you are watching from heaven wondering what all the hoopla is about, and in your own humble way you are thinking it’s all over done, but you and Marc truly deserve the honors that are being given to you. Thank you for introducing me to the Knights of Lepanto, I see now more of what all of our conversations were about. As for Marc…Marc…what can I say…you were the quiet one, you always had a way about you though that I could see through….the gentle smile with the silent sarcasam…some people would catch it others wouldn’t. When I think of you I see your silly little smile that I always loved so much…I too am very proud of the person you were… were a good man, a great nephew, a great brother and son to your family, a great friend to the kids who knew you….you are hero trying to save my brother, your dad, for saving Lucas and Hannah. God had better plans for you so he called you home. Now you can silently watch over all of us. Keep the guitar strumming kiddo, Ray sent you off with pearly white picks, use them well….God be with you both, it’s good to know you are together for this journey, keep us all in your hearts and prayers as we are keeping you. I love you both, I’ll hold you close in my heart always
    Your sister and Auntie

  31. I also just saw your story on ABC!! God Bless you Girad family. I want to also ask God to bless all of you who have prayed for this family with loving words of hope encouragement, wonderful memories. It has given more insight on the type of man and son they were. I feel so badly for Hanna. I hope everyone continues to pray she doesnt feel guilt. That she knows of her Fathers love for her and he wants for her to feel and accept that love and hope and not hold the pain of wonder or doubt if she was a negative factor. Hanna baby both your Daddys love you and want the sparkle in your heart to shine though your eyes and light up the world-in whatever way that may be. The pain will never go completly away, but over time and with God it will hurt a little less. Your dad would want you all to smile and be happy. I hope all of you can find peace in your souls and love in your hearts!!

  32. losing someone close is painful losing both is more of a pain. i contacted my relitives from the otherside. look up astral travel its the only way to see the other side

  33. Dear Family,

    We are here safe as he had welcome us in.
    He needed us to protect the angels from evils sin.
    The sun is bright but we can still see you from the clouds above.
    Knowing it was sooner than we all thought but there is still our love.
    Babe, I will protect our son from anything as you know I will.
    He will be by my side through everything even when time stays still.
    My heart is with you when you have only cried.
    There will be moments for you would feel my presence and remember it is us there by your side.
    Tell Jacqueline to keep those grades up for she had worked so hard for.
    Let Adam know I will make sure we practice as hard as the oceans waves come crashing upon the shore.
    Tell Lucas don’t give up for he would become the knight he always wanted to be.
    Now don’t worry I didn’t forget our little hanna for she is my love and destiny.
    Your eyes are my stars now as I watch you from above.
    Knowing you are safe and knowing we were in love.
    A knight doesn’t cry but well the tears are falling from these two blue eyes.
    For we will be missed by many and remembered as you look upon the midnight sky.
    Your smile I loved and the memories we shared are always going to be inside one knights heart.
    Let the others know marc loves you all from the beginning and from the start.
    Well he is waiting for us as we stand here looking down at the ones we will miss.
    For now we are his knights in armor for his protection against evils mist.
    We stand upon the gates for his protection and honor but you know my love is with you.
    I ain’t mad for anything but just upset for marc he is the one who helps us through.
    So let me leave you with a memory of the two of us.
    For there is an angel down there by your side as he will tell you to ” Move That Bus “.
    We love you with our heart and for now I got to go.
    For marc is the knight who leads me to be the one who needs to glow……..

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  36. God bless the family that lost these two heroes. This is a incredible sad story and im very sorry for the Girard family especially hannah. I am now going to do whatever i can to help familys like these. I asked god why he took these people away and he said that he needed help, he needed two great people to help him. God bless!

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