Chivalric Resource: Dr. John Rao

In our franciscan communities it is our custom on most days to listen to a religious conference of some sort at breakfast. Lately we have been listening to downloads from Keep the Faith‘s website.

Of particular interest to those who read MaryVictrix are the some of the conferences by Dr. John Rao, associate professor of history at St. John’s University and director of the Roman Forum.

Of further interest are some of his series on Church history especially his ones on the Crusades.  Very Good.

I admire Keep the Faith and the Roman Forum very much.  The late Dr. William Mara was a giant among the great Catholic American thinkers of the last century.

Not being a Traditionalist myself, though celebrating the Traditional Rite, I can’t vouch for everything on the website.

God bless them for defending the crusading spirit.

2 thoughts on “Chivalric Resource: Dr. John Rao

  1. Speaking of the Traditional Rite, I heard a rumor that the FFI is moving in the direction of using only that Form of Mass. Can you make any comments on that rumor?

  2. Mary,

    We are implementing the moto proprio and love the Traditional Rite very much, but we are not moving in the direction in becoming a Traditionalist community.

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