Off with the Bubble Wrap

Well here’s some news. Just wait for the feminists to come out of the woodwork and say there are no studies to verify what is perfectly obvious to those of us who have not yet drunk the coolaid.

Imagine, boys need fathers and men in their lives, and mothers and other women should let them be boys.  Revolutionary.

And would you believe that it is actually good for boys to take risks, that it actually helps them do better in school?

I’ll give the girl in the first link credit.  She sure as hell is going to catch hell:

Ms Lashlie, who describes herself as a feminist, said: “I’ve been in classes with young female teachers and by the end of the session my ears hurt.”

Woops!  I guess she already has:

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT union, told the paper the author was talking “a load of claptrap”.

“It is disappointing that a woman has felt the need to pander to the views of a tiny group of men who present themselves as the oppressed minority,” she said.

That’s right.  Men know nothing about boys, or how to get them to perform well.  Excuse our self-pity.


9 thoughts on “Off with the Bubble Wrap

  1. Well, I’m glad to see that Father Angelo has come out of his catacombs! I was getting worried that we’d all finished him off somehow.

    As for this article, I guess I have a few comments. First of all, I do give this woman credit and she will certainly be snuffed out , discredited and degraded for suggesting what she does. Yet, I’m always curious about the *boys in school* phenomenon. Having both daughters and sons, I can absolutely say that the elementary classroom was indeed made for girls who have a better ability to sit at their desks for HOURS and can listen and whose fine motor skills are more developed to write at early ages, etc etc. Yet, sometime during the teenage years, many boys definitely rise to the occasion! In fact, I’ve known many male valedictorians and salutatorians. What allowed them to rise to this occasion? Some are very athletic and definitely had/have a *physical* side to them; others were/are just extremely cerebral and more into the chess clubs, etc. I wonder what makes some kick it into gear and others not?

    Finally, having a son whom I will be now homeschooling in the fall …. well, I’m female! Will I not be like these female teachers who talk too much (eh-hem) making his ears hurt? Has the female teacher for young children not been the norm for over a century now? What’s different I wonder?

  2. It’s about time that the obvious hath been stated. No duh boys will do better in anything, and everything if they have a physical outlet of manly natural agression to be let out in ways that only boys can let it out. Boys need to jump of couches, run into walls, climb stairs and take sleds down them. They need to stack the wook, chuck the hail bail, hoe the garden. Boys need to slop the pigs, feed the cows, and chase the chickens. It is only natural that if a boy can be a boy he will succedd in just that, being a boy.

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  4. I totally agree. Boys definitely need to act like boys and the wrapped in blanket (or bubble wrap) does them no good. I can’t remember how many trees I fell out of or how many times I grazed my knees falling off my skateboard but i’m sure it was all good experience.

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