Encampment Interview (Udate: Interview with Thom Girard)

Click on the image above to watch the AirMaria Roving Reporter interview with Thom Girard, Grand Master of our last encampment.  The next Encampment will be July 18-20.  I will have a new Encampment page up in the next couple of days.

Udate (7/8/08):

We had a technical problem with this video when we first uploaded it.  I have relinked to a new file.

This is the only video interview with the late Thom Girard, recorded at the end of the Spring Encampment, little more than a month before his death.

5 thoughts on “Encampment Interview (Udate: Interview with Thom Girard)

  1. This was fun to watch .. my son, who was there, enjoyed reminiscing with it … I didn’t realize how BIG that bonfire was. Whoah. The boys really had a lot of fun and I think if they can go more than once, they will start to get more and more out of it. Thanks so much to the FFI for hosting this event.

  2. Jen,
    I believe this is a Knight of Lepanto event that the knights host and the friars are kind enough to let them use their property for the encampment.

    Once again, another amazing encampment that my 7 year old enjoyed immensely and can’t wait until he’s a little taller so he can climb the 9 ft wall!

  3. Has anyone at the Friary ever thought of doing a woman’s retreat for a day? Even a mother/daughter but that might be harder. A woman’s retreat would be great … I realize you cannot do encampments for the female-folk and most women cannot leave the home for more than a day. But, a day would be SO nice. Just a thought. 😉

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