More Pushing

Yes, more pushing the envelope.

Obama is taking his general campaign to the “least likely’s,” Evangelicals and Catholics. Of course, the Messiah can do anything, no matter how preposterous, and get away with.

Doug Kmiec is not just an Obama supporter, he is now an adviser. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Kmiec disengenuously quoted Deacon Keith Fournier’s Catholics, Voting and the Common Good. While the deacon still wants to defend Kmiec as a good Catholic, he does strongly disagree with him:

While I agree that the civil discourse should be elevated, executing the canons on withholding communion is not vicious and uncharitable. Quiet the contrary. Kmiec is not a merely a defender of the right to vote one’s conscience. He is a flagrant campaigner for Mr. Planned Parenthood himself.

5 thoughts on “More Pushing

  1. What’s particularly irksome is that Kmiec pretends to represent the catholic position, and that he’s using his professional position to promote his opinion. It’s bad enough to personally endorse a supporter of mass murder, but to say that every catholic can do likewise with a clear conscience is particularly pretentious.

    What’s he trying to prove anyway? Why would someone claiming to be “pro-life” be so public about such a contradictory stance? It doesn’t make sense. …unless he’s lobbying for a job in the Obama administration.

    It would be better for the cause if he would just come out and say that he’s not pro-life. But then, I guess, he wouldn’t get that job…

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