Pack’n Heat

Vatican security forces now include an anti-bomb squad and a rapid response team, according to Domenico Giani, the head of the Holy See’s 130-man gendarmerie.

The Vatican will also work more closely with Interpol to gather information on any threats, he said.

The deal with Interpol, the pan-European police agency, will give the Vatican access to a large data bank of suspects and information on the latest anti-terrorism techniques.

What is more:

The Swiss Guards have also been given anti-terrorism training, and now carry SIG P75 pistols and Heckler-Koch MP5 sub-machine guns, as well as their traditional halberds.

Earlier this year, Osama bin Laden repeated threats against Pope Benedict, who he accused of “leading a crusade against Islam”.

The pope has been the subject of a series of attacks since 2006, when he used a quotation in a speech at Regensburg University that said Islam was an “evil and inhuman” religion.

No more mess’n around.

9 thoughts on “Pack’n Heat

  1. A knight must use the tools at hand to protect the weak or defenseless. As much as I like swords, they are mostly valuable for traditional and heraldry purposes. To arm one’s self less than the enemy is foolish!

    It is lucky that the Swiss Guards don’t have to fight in the jungle – they’d have a heck of a time blending into the background in those getups!

  2. Quite honestly, I’m thrilled that our Vatican isn’t filled with naive woosies … never has been and we certainly cannot afford woosies now! Our Church needs to project a loving, forgiving and welcoming Christian demeanor while simultaneously making sure the world knows that She is a force not to be reckoned with … not because She’s a bully but because She cannot be bullied!

    But I had to laugh at Knight Errant’s comment about the Swiss Guards’ getup. I know their brightly colored uniforms have great historical significance but it can portray that they are indeed woosies …. I, myself, would probably rather see something a little more subtle and ‘manly’ but I won’t pretend to fully understand the significance of what they wear.

  3. Their uniforms are all part of being covert in their work. They look like toy soldiers but are well trained warriors if required. I think its a genius and effective strategy. If they were dressed like military soldiers, then they would project a very different image to the world.

  4. Rat a tat tat tat tat tat tat. The Illustrious Marceg, target practice for guards with their mp5’s.

    Illustrious, Master Paul, Illustrious Swiss Cheese 🙂

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