Magnificat (Video Added)

Here Below is my homily from last night’s celebration of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I connect Our Lady’s prayer of praise and thanksgiving to one of Father Lasance’s counsels concerning kindness.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Magnificat (Video Added)

  1. Father,
    Maybe I’m a simpleton, full of naivety, I just can not grasp how scholars (satanists), can depict Our Lady as simple, or dumb. How can they even begin to argue agianst her, by slandering her one way, or belittling her in another. She is the Mother of GOD, from the moment of the Annunciation, from teh moment of her conception she was teh one. The one chosen by God the Father, for God teh Son, through God the Holy Spirit. If these educated idiot savants have any kind of bibical history, if they believe in the Holy Trinity, how can they deny with absolute certainty that Our Lady didn’t say the Magnificat she was utterly and toattaly consumed by, for, with, through GOD. I mean come on people, brighten up, pick up a bible and instead of trying to prove it wrong take the splineter out of your eyes and see what it really says. But then if this were trully the case we wouldn’t have protestantism.

    Secondly, was Mary at teh Birth of St. John the Baptist, and is it true that he was born without sin as well, because of the visitation?

  2. Skeet King,

    I, too, recently heard or read about St. John the Baptist being free from sin at birth. This blew my mind because I always thought that only Mary and, of course, Jesus were given this grace.

    Very good homily, btw!

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