A Chapter Closed

This is the first moment I have had free to get back to the blog and give everyone an update. Our general chapter ended on Saturday evening and was capped by the solemn celebration of the Solemnity of Pentecost, yesterday.

On Friday at aproximately 1:45 pm Father Stefano Maria Manelli, Founder and Minister General of our Institute from the beginning was reelected for a third term. Canon law requires that a third term for any major superior of a religious institute be “postulated,” which means that the chapter members must elect him by a two-thirds majority and then have the “postulation” ratified by the Holy See. After the ballots where counted and Father Stefano’s two-thirds majority was confirmed by the “scrutitores” (the ones who scrutinize), two of the chapter fathers rode on a motor scooter to the Vatican to present the “postulation” to the cardinal prefect of the Congregation for Consecrated Life. He happily signed the postulation and so we have Father Stefano for another three years. Deo Gratias!

This is a picture of all the chapter fathers:

Father Stefano making his profession of faith as the newly reelected Minister General:

Our Co-founder, Father Gabrielle Maria Pellettieri showing his submission to Father Stefano and congratulating him.

Father Peter Damian Mary Fehlner doing the same:

And then the sisters:

Later in the afternoon the chapter continued with the nomination of the Vicar General and General Council by Father Stefano, confirmed by the vote of the chapter fathers. Here are the council fathers making their profession of faith (Father Gabriele is again Vicar General, and Father Peter is again on the council):

Our beloved Father Peter (Father Alphonso Mary Bruno in foreground):

The complete General Council with our father founders in the center:

The chapter ended with the consecration of our entire Institute to the Immaculate by Father General:

Well, that’s all for now. I am just catching up on some work here today and tomorrow hope to get into the old city to visit some of the holy places.

I had hoped to get to  San Giovanni Rotondo to venerate the body of St. Pio, but it does not look like I will be able to get there.  I will try to get some pictures of interest in respect to chivalry so stay tuned. I will be leaving Wednesday morning, arriving late in the evening EST. God bless, everyone. Ave Maria!


3 thoughts on “A Chapter Closed

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  2. We’re glad everything went well … you voted for new leaders, you managed to escape the ‘revenge’ and you had quite a nice hamburger … italian bread and a chunk of romano … not bad! Roasted peppers and mushrooms would have been quite tasty! (Not so American, though.) That requires ketchup and pickles for sure. Too bad about the authentic cannoli, though. That was a real loss. Pity.

    So, if I may show my incredible ignorance, how do the positions in your order work? I thought you had a ‘delegate’ title of some sort, no? What do all of these people have for responsibilities? Just curious … unless it’s some sort of ‘classified’ information where you’d have to kill me if you told me! 😉


  3. Glad to hear everything went well. Through all the great pictures posted everyone looks healthy, even Father Peter. Hope you were able to visit some attractions (catholic attractions that is ) you wanted to visit. Have a safe trip home!!!


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