Blast of an Encampment!

The following video was cut together from footage captured last October for the Fall Encampment. Doug Barry runs his Radix Boot Camp for kids of all ages.

The weekend was challenging, but as you will see everyone had a great time. Don’t be put off by the challenges. Doug is great with kids and had everyone encouraging each other. I didn’t matter how athletic or advanced the kids were in their catechism everyone was treated with respect and support.

This Spring Encampment the Knights of Lepanto will be running the Boot Camp, but we hope to have Doug back for the Fall Encampment.

10 thoughts on “Blast of an Encampment!

  1. Great footage…

    God willing Doug will be back this October for teh fall encampmnet.
    While I’m on the topic of encampments, help is needed by strong men and boys to get ready for teh Spring encampment. Help is requested, desired, and being prayed for as we speak.

    Work Days are ALL THE SATURDAYS leading up to the encampment (Memorial day weekend) From 9-5:30 any help is greatfully appreciated. You do not have to spend teh whole day helping out anytime you can provide will be graciously accepted. All for Jesus and Mary.

  2. Take a look boys and start working out before it’s too late. Or else there will be a bunch of crybabies needing their mommy…..

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