A New Hope for America?

Spew Warning: swallow your coffee before clicking.

7 thoughts on “A New Hope for America?

  1. Not to ruin the all to climatic theme of this blasphemy of a great movie, Darth Vader saved the universe by throwing the emperor to his death.

    I’m going to write in the Illustrious marcreg..

    Keep B.O. out of the whitehouse.

  2. Ha! they should have put Steven Colbert in there as an Ewok or Jar Jar or somthing….

    Hey mabey I should run… after all I had to get this “Illustrious” title some how! they don’t just grow on trees ya know.

  3. Anything star wars is fun to watch, but they are both from the dark side as far as I am concerned. Put them both on the deathstar. Mercifully, of course. 🙂

  4. While I am always disheartened to see faith turned into politics, I must say I’m even more devastated to see it turn into a tool of racism.

    For shame.

  5. WmRourke,

    I have checked out some of your comments elsewhere on the web. I have no problem with you expressing opinions. That’s what a blog is for. But don’t come here and throw down the racist card just because you don’t agree with something.

    For shame.

  6. That was great! I am always interested to see that evil really does turn upon itself (I agree that they are both from the “Dark Side” and BO has no business playing Luke). This constant infighting, childish at times, is showing the country how inept both of them are.

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