Girls Teach the Boys Some Chivarly

Speaks for itself.

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6 thoughts on “Girls Teach the Boys Some Chivarly

  1. There are times when I think that people have gotten so much more selfish but then there are other times, such as this, when I think that people have gotten so much more sympathetic towards others. The ol’ one step forward, two back maybe. But, this was so nice to see … a tearjerker for the wishy-washy types like me.

  2. Course in Oz we’d just bite off the offending legs and drag ourselves from base to base on the stumps. Buncha wimps….

  3. Hold on…having attended a “ball” game in Oz — though they use a big wide flat bat and toss the ball in some weird fashion and try to knock down little sticks and only run back and forth a lot in clean white shorts — the only thing they’re drinking down under at these games is a cup of tea at elevensies…it’s unbelievable! Guess they’d blame the Brits for that, though…

  4. Other Mary,
    Although Aussies play this Crickett style of game, they also invented Austrail Rules football, where ironically enough there are no set of rules. Go Battler…..

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