The Spirit of Chivarly in Action

Hartford Courant photo by Shana Surek, 7/26/07

Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut will be at our Holy Hour tomorrow night (Thursday, April 17) and after will speak about his work. We have always conceived the spirit of the Knights of Lepanto to be one of both prayer and action, and this spirit is exemplified by Peter and his colleague Larry Taffner.

Many of us know and appreciate the work FIC does, because we know how hard the anti-family and anti-life forces work to undermine traditional values, and we also know that without FIC, those forces would have been far more successful than they have been up to now.

Anyone who has spent even a modicum of time at the capital in Hartford knows how the same-sex marriage lobbyists walk around the State House as if they run the place and yet their schemes have been so often thwarted by the persistent efforts of just a couple of guys at FIC who keep up the fight everyday, while the rest of us show up now and again for the easy stuff. The efforts of those who donate, or show up at rallies and lobbying days, who volunteer to stuff envelopes and flood the legislature phone boards with calls to their legislators are not to be minimized; however, few of us realize how quickly Connecticut would be overrun by those who hate our values if it weren’t for a couple of guys that just won’t quit.

The fact is that the day to day work on the ground, in the State House and in the midst of enemies is being done by a couple of guys who bear up under the weight and keep going. This is a real knighthood, where men of honor do the right thing, no matter what the cost in the face of hopeless odds and push forward.

I really am urging the guys local to Connecticut to make the effort to come and pray with us during the holy hour and to hear Peter speak afterward. He really needs your prayer and support.

10 thoughts on “The Spirit of Chivarly in Action

  1. We are indebted to these people. Please thank them for us. The anti-family people have many who make this their full-time job … most of us cannot make this our full-time job because we have families and husbands who already have a full-time job. Therefore, we are eternally grateful to people like Mr. Wolfgang who have made this THEIR full-time commitment or truly we would be sunk, as Fr. Angelo said.

    Also, will any of these future holy hours be open to men who are not part of the KL? My husband might be interested but cannot attend tonight.

  2. Jennifer,

    Yes the Holy Hours are open to any men and their sons.

    We had about 20 guys for the holy hour, and after Peter talked and discussed for about an hour and a half. He has the guys all fired up and I think he will get some real help from them.

  3. Well I think he is a close-minded, ignorant man. Mr. Peter Wolfgang can take his nineteenth century ideas and go love his family… but he has no right to tell two gay or lesbians what or how to live their life. If he is really a man with morals, values, and christian ideas than he would try to better himself by looking at everyones point of view, trying to imagine how they feel or think (you know, empathy) and then realize he is being intolerant and judgemental. Ladies and Gentleman, that is not what Jesus Christ would do. We need to change the word from intolerant to unaccpetance. Because gays and lesbians are not things we must “tolerate” but we need to accept as part of the world. Who you love does not change the type of person you are. We all have dreams, hopes and desires. For being portrayed as such a holy man, he doesn’t act like it.

  4. Amy,

    We have really two sources to tell us what Jesus said and how He thought … one is the Catholic Church tradition that has been written and passed down through the centuries and the other, of course, is Scripture. If you don’t accept these documents as the truths that they are then I’d have to say that you’re making up your own Jesus at that point!! It always amazes me that because people KNOW that Jesus was a loving Man, He therefore doesn’t mind what anyone does. It’s twisted logic … actually, it’s logic with your emotions instead of your brain. Once we start believing that kind of logic then, hey, Jesus would understand if I robbed a bank to help others or shot the bad people I met, etc etc. Don’t think this is ridiculous … we could get there, you know. Therefore, if we read Scripture and look at the writings that have been handed down over time, we will see that God created the sexual act for one purpose … procreation. There’s no ambiguity about it. Read it yourself. Ahhh … but people want to pick and choose what they believe in the Bible. Sorry. It’s an all or nothing! It’s not easy … I struggle at times, too. But, as soon as I start trying to decide where the truth begins, it brings it all into question. Back to God’s creating the sexual act for procreation. Now, true, He did make it a pleasurable act but that was a bonus point! You may have read at some point how humans don’t have instincts, we have reflexes and drives. We have 2 basic drives … food and sex. Both of these drives are for what? The sustaining of the human race!! Both also have a pleasure to them … we do indeed enjoy eating and, as we can tell by our American waistline, when we choose to use food for more pleasure than its true purpose, we become VERY unhealthy. We have abused it. So it is with the sexual act; when we begin to see it as a pleasure FIRST then we abuse it … we have rapes, babies born to teenagers and sodomy as well as all other distorted sexual activities. We become selfish about it. What’s in it for me? Back to food, let’s try using aspartame instead of sugar so I can still eat all I want without the calories … let’s try throwing up after meals so I can still eat all I want but not gain weight. Let’s exercise for 4 hrs a day so I can still eat all I want … nevermind the thought of having SELF CONTROL. No sirree Bob. Mind you, we all struggle with these things. It’s not easy. But, golly …let’s atleast call the spade a spade and stop being such cry babies about it. We’re weak. Period.

    So, should Christians love homosexuals? ABSOLUTELY. I many times think of alcoholics … they may have been born with the gene or tendency to drink. But does that make it right? Does that mean that to love the alcoholic we are to tell him/her that it’s okay to drink themselves into a heap each night?? Nooo … to truly LOVE this man or woman, we must tell them the TRUTH. Then we must help them carry the cross. To do otherwise would be to enable them … which doesn’t help them at all. So, I’m assuming you’re a lesbian. I know of a number of lesbians … and there are a number of them that I wouldn’t hesitate to sit and chat with for an evening or hire to do a job, etc etc. In fact there are some that I’d be happy to have as neighbors, quite honestly … I would not *discriminate* against them nor would I avoid them. They’re people like anybody else. Period. But, do I think that we should change what the definition of marriage is because of them???? NO. That’s the point here. Marriage is an institution created to keep a family together for the raising of children which can only NATURALLY come from a man and woman. It protects the child from adults who might want to abandon ship … it protects the woman from a man who maybe wants to check out other fish in the sea leaving his family vulnerable. We’ve twisted it all up … we’ve made a mess. We’ve chosen to be selfish … we’ve chosen to eat cookies for the sake of the taste and forgotten about the true nourishment of our bodies. We’ve lost our way.

    Finally, you mentioned Gays/Lesbians being TOLERATED. This term is not a Christian term … it’s a term made by people like the gay and lesbian activists!!!! It’s not OUR term.

  5. Well, I realize that no one is maybe reading this … HOWEVER, I could not allow my big OOPS to go unfixed. I said there were two sources to tell us what Jesus said … Scripture and Tradition. But, I believe the Magisterium should also be included since they interpret Revelations, etc. Mea culpa.

    Glad everyone had a great weekend with the Encampment!

  6. Jen A.,

    I am not gay and am a Catholic. I read your words and they are filled with hate and fear. You might want to step out into the real world once and awhile. I would hope if you defend marriage then you will at least defend civil unions for our gay brothers and sisters. I refuse to let my children live in your fearful, uneducated, and hateful world. Comparing being gay to addictions?! Get real, you dope.

  7. Jim,

    I appreciate your apology to Jen. I know this is a tough subject to speak about without the hackles getting raised.

    I can even understand why you might think Jen to be hateful and fearful, what with the same-sex marriage lobby having successful defined the argument as a civil rights issue. Nevertheless, I know Jen and she is a fine person. She is not what you think.

    Some of us think that the definition of marriage matters. Where that definition has been arbitrarily changed, religious liberty and our civil rights are at stake. This is witnessed in the case of the Massachusetts school system, where parents don’t have the right to opt out of homosexual indoctrination. You may call that fear. I call it fact.

    Marriage was not created by the church, but neither was it created by the state. Marriage arises out of the fact that there are men and women. Period. As an cultural institution, even before a legal or religious one, marriage necessarily began as a way of publicly bearing witness to the fundamental rights of spouses and children. This would never have been the case had the human race been sexually distinguished.

    Furthermore, Catholics believe that sodomy is a sin, and it is a fundamental religious right to seek the conversion of sinners, beginning with ourselves. We are our brother’s keeper, and we should all have the strongest objection to anyone’s going to hell, including our gay brothers and sisters.

  8. Father Angelo … thanks for defending the dame in distress over here!


    I tried re-reading my past comments to see where I could have gone wrong!! I’ll admit to some of my usual sarcasm (I’m working on it .. I should conquer it in another few decades if I”m given so long). I’ll even admit to sounding a bit self-righteous for which I apologize. I did not see any hate or fear in my note but maybe that’s because I don’t FEEL any hate or fear in this area. But, others may read that into my note … that’s the downside to trying to read someone’s emotions from a computer screen.

    I tend to be a very analytical type … with that, I try to strip out the emotions of things (even though I’m an emotional gal for sure) and look at the facts, Jack. Years ago (a couple of decades) I struggled with the Catholic Faith. I came to a cross-road after a conversion as to whether I’d remain Catholic or not. Bear with me … I have a point! At the time, I didn’t agree with the Church’s teachings on birth control, the Church’s teaching on the Pope, the real presence, the need for Confession, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, I was a Protestant who was still marching to a Catholic Church each week. I had to ask myself the question of, “What IS a Catholic? Just because I call myself one, am I one?” Now, I think from a truly literal point, I still was definitely a Catholic … but I no longer held to some of its main ideals.

    With that, my husband suggested that we needed to study and come to terms with the teachings of this Church, or we needed to stop being phony and just get out. I’m not suggesting that this is what all struggling Catholics should do … this was just where we had arrived and couldn’t stand the thought of being so hypocritical. Many people felt I needed to first come to grips with the Real Presence and that this would then settle everything else for me. But for me, that wasn’t it. The first thing that I felt I needed to conquer was my thoughts on who the Church says the Pope is. For, if the Pope IS who he CLAIMS to be, then I am called to obedience … by Christ Himself! All the other issues will be settled by obedience. Period. Whether the teachings make sense, whether they’re popular in society, etc. It doesn’t matter. Well, clearly through quite a bit of study and prayer, I came to truly believe that Christ, in His infinite wisdom, knew that if we all just went off on our own tangents and fancies, we’d all come up with different ideas on things! There’d be no unity in this Church He established whatsoever. He simply HAD to come up with a tangible and human force to lead us! Nothing else makes any sense.

    So, what does this have to do with gay marriage? Well, it really has EVERYTHING to do with it. For once you call into question the Holy Scriptures’ statements (which all Christian churches claim to follow) on the sinfulness of homosexuality, once you call into question the Pope’s teachings on homosexuality, once you call into question what the Church teaches on homosexuality … then, what is it exactly that makes you claim to be a Catholic? I don’t say this with hatefulness or fear nor even with judgmentalism … I’m just asking a matter-of-fact question!

    My analogy to alcoholism was maybe weak … but the point wasn’t to claim alcoholism and homosexuality (the sexual/sodomy piece to it as Father mentioned) to be similar … my point was that both are considered a SIN within the Church. Therefore, to truly LOVE someone with this sin, does one enable them and tell them that what they’re doing is fine? Or does one love them even MORE and tell them that what they’re doing ISN’T fine and we love them SO much, that we cannot allow them to continue on this road to spiritual destruction. If you truly believe that Christ established this Church and trusted its teachings to a Magisterium, then to support something that it teaches is morally wrong is to really say that you actually DON’T believe that Christ established this Church. Maybe it’s to say that you want to follow your own beliefs and lean on your own understanding.

    I don’t find this to be at all hateful nor fear-riddened. It’s the facts, Jack! Difficult at times to accept? Oh, yes. Unpopular at times? Most definitely. Welcome to carrying a cross.

    Hope this helps!

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