The Culture of Death

The arts contribute to the moral environment in which we live. Culture is the product of people and their particular mindsets. But culture is also contributes to the moral environment. It is is the moral and psychological air we breathe. I have long thought that a Catholic and chivalrous aesthetic is vital to the restoration of Christian sanity; hence, for example, my prudential support of the use of chapel veils.

I realize that educated individuals have rather sophisticated views of art and in view of their very enthusiastic interest in artistic inspiration are inclined to be somewhat more broadminded than the average person, but what is his Eminence Christoph Cardinal Schönborn thinking, when he allows an erotic homosexually oriented art exhibit to be shown in the Vienna Cathedral museum? This is the aesthetic of death. The average person, even in Vienna, knows that this is not just art or a reflection of the world today. There is a context for all of this. I find this story pretty grim.

To be fair, the Cardinal claims he did not know that a blasphemous depiction of The Last Supper was to be shown, and he had it removed; however, the rest of the exhibit still remains. Even in Vienna, one of the art capitals of the world, there is no excuse to be giving mixed messages. More importantly, our first duty is to God, and we must fight blasphemy in all its forms. For this reason, I support the TFP protest against this atrocity.

St. Louis of France, that paragon of chivalry and flower of courtesy, who poured himself out on behalf of his people, especially the poor and needy, would absolutely not tolerate blasphemy and punished most severely with corporal punishment. I am not suggesting a return to the medieval penal forms, but when something like this is defended by a churchman for the sake of art, we have a problem.

Our families are dysfunctional because the heads of our families are out in the bar (or out in the ether) instead of at home watching over the children and guarding the gates. It’s not completely the fault of fathers, though, we are not always very good children either.

4 thoughts on “The Culture of Death

  1. This story totally disgusts me. Do we Catholics stand for anything sacred anymore? I sent off my ‘protest’ to TFP but quite frankly the protest needs to go to the Cardinal so he will hire a more appropriate person for the position of selecting the exhibits.

    Now, I can probably be considered someone who is more broadminded with some of the arts … it’s a form of expression and sometimes we don’t agree with someone’s *ideas* just as they don’t always agree with ours. (It doesn’t mean I have to view or listen to their offensive material, mind you!) HOWEVER, what I think has happened is that Catholic institutions can no longer discriminate when hiring. They hire the person that appears to have the most experience for the job … clearly this person is NOT a Christian … never mind a Catholic. This artwork is offensive to Christianity. Broadmindedness does not mean that one should throw away his values! Unfortunately, sometimes when someone sees or hears art for so long, they can see the *talent* and lose sight of the possible *message* that the artist is portraying. They get more focused on the details, if you will, and lose sight of the forest.

    HOWEVER, this should be absolutely unacceptable in any kind of Catholic institution!! My guess is that they’ve paid a pretty penny for this exhibit so to dismantle the whole thing, they’re going to lose a lot of money. They are probably thinking of their wallets now and hoping to get some compensation back before pulling it. They relinquished too much control to someone outside of the Church and now they’re stuck in a catch-22. But, they of course need to PULL THIS EXHIBIT, Fire this person, make a public apology and then lick their financial wounds privately in a back room. Ahhh … but there will be an UPROAR when/if they fire him and possible lawsuits. Herein lies the whole satanic rats nest … the Church not being allowed to hire those who are its faithful followers.

  2. My Heavens! Well…maybe it is just a further progression of the death of Catholic Culture in Vienna–after all, they opened a museum on birth control and abortion last Spring…the website is in German, but it is worth having the hyperlink even if you can’t read German: Let’s pray for strengthening of the moral courage of our all our Cardinals!

  3. I just off my protest as well. Its disappointing when those given the responsibilities of stewardship by the Church fail to meet their obligations. Its even worse when those in these positions appear to be working against the kingdom while pretending to be working for it. We know how critical Jesus was about hippocrites! The Cardinal needs to show courage right now and show these artists the door.

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