Because Harmless Diversions Are So Important to Men

Take some lessons, ladies.

23 thoughts on “Because Harmless Diversions Are So Important to Men

  1. That would make a most excellent encampment activity. I have a van sitting in my driveway not doing anything of import…

    Too cool.

  2. Okay, after about 1 minute, it became too painful to watch any further. Harmless diversions, eh? It’s those blasted boxes inside your heads again … the lack of wiring or something.

    Well, enjoy smashing up your van, Steve!! Please keep my husband, sons and our automobiles out of this one.

  3. I thought we were supposed to encourage men to behave as adults in this world where most men want to stay irresponsible teenagers all their lives! Go get your fix at Six Flags on the bumper cars guys!

  4. Totally Awesome! Only thing better is if we could use trucks – with bull bars on t he front. How about trucks with snow plough blades……yeah………

  5. Ladies,

    For the sake of chivalry, I will not mention the feminine forms of delayed adolescence that we all know so well. Besides, men need to fight. Better they do it in good humor, rather than for real.

  6. Actually, I think it looks like alot of fun. Not saying I would drive, but I would definately would watch if I knew the drivers. Definately a man’s sport.

  7. I can’t for the life of me (and I’m being honest) understand what on earth Father is alluding to!!! However, as for Father’s comment on the fact that men need to fight … well there is MUCH to fight for today.

    I just read in the paper this morning about the poll taken before our Pope visits the U.S. and it said how many Catholics don’t believe they need to attend Mass to be good Catholics nor do they need to go to confession. Now, I’m quite sure this is the data Father Angelo used in this past week’s homilies. So … go play your crash-n-burn games if you must … just save some energy for the real fights. Or, during half-time of your crash-n-burn games, over a brewskie or whatever, you can discuss the plans for your REAL fights. 🙂 I know that sometimes it helps to have something fun and casual to get you to REALLY think about things that matter. If that’s the case, go ahead and play.

    I’m off to Mass now.

  8. This looks like so much fun, and I have not even been able to see the video because my company filter will not permit access to this site….

  9. Oh, my!!! Yeah, Pa…this looks like a lot of fun. Too bad we aren’t still up in CT…we could have added our van to the fun.

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