I don’t watch TV, you see, so I had no idea that Oprah was this far out. I am not surprised, because of her wholehearted endorsement of The Secret.

This kind of thinking is rampant even among Catholics and it is a plague not only to faith, but to any real intellectual life. We are feeling our way to hell. BTW, I am not recommending the book mentioned at the end of this video. I know nothing about it.

I am posting this in connection with the “pregant man” business.

Hat tip to Other Mary.

11 thoughts on “OprahFried

  1. I am just about to start my rosary … I will surely lift up this woman and all those who have followed blindly. What else can we do?

    Yet, there’s this ‘rational/analytical’ side of me that wants to EXPLAIN stuff to people who believe this nonsense. I have family members who love watching Oprah. I must admit, not being a watcher of her shows, that I had no idea either about this whole ‘religious philosophy’ that she encouraged. I also know nothing about this ‘Secret’ book that has been mentioned a few times.

    So, Oprah began questioning the Church because of the passage that her pastor quoted … ‘God is a jealous God’. Yet, how do we EXPLAIN these passages to others in order to help them? I admit that I cannot and there are many such passages. Now, I have come to a different place than that of Oprah and that is that finding a particular passage or teaching to be confusing doesn’t mean ‘squat’, really. It means I have work to do … the problem is with me, not with the passage or teaching. But that has come from first thinking like Oprah … this self-righteous attitude and leaning on our own understanding yet then discovering I was WRONG so many times .. eating my words so many times that I wondered how I hadn’t choked to death by the age of 30 .. that I finally realized that, “Who am I?” Just because I don’t get it … big deal … there’s lots of things we don’t get but that doesn’t make the theory wrong it makes my brain FINITE. I don’t really GET the black hole theory, for instance … but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist possibly. Yet, how does one defend the Faith through this? Are we called to defend it with words or are we called simply to live it? How does one explain things like a ‘jealous God’ when they really don’t make that much sense?

    Well, I will start that rosary now and pray that one day Oprah will stand in front of millions and humbly cry out to the masses that she was blind but now she sees.

  2. Oprah is doing an internet based seminar with Eckhart Tolle on his new book she has endorsed, “A New Earth.” I bought the book so I could see what all the fuss was about. It is hinduism/Eastern mysticism dressed up and modified in a way to suck in gullible westerners and those who are nominal Christians. I have written several articles on my blog about the book if you are interested. The comment I receive are quite enlightening in themselves.

  3. I am told, but have not been able to verify, that Sean Hannity was attracted to her present feel-good theology and mentioned so (though he was against her political support of Obama) publicly on his radio show. Heaven help us! Thankfully the evangelical fundamentalist protestants seem to be very publicly condemning what she is doing and warning all Christians to steer clear of it. Thanks, Father, for bringing it up here, too. I watched all I could stomach of another You Tube video of Eckart speaking about death (which, funny enough, he mentions to her in the above video that he “doesn’t think about”). It is when I see things like that on You Tube that I am so happy that Air Maria is there on You Tube as well!

  4. I heard Sean Hannity making positive comments about Eckhart Tolle’s writings as well. He was talking to Dr. Laura Slchisinger (I know I must have spelled that incorrectly) and put Tolle’s book in the same category as hers.

  5. It just goes to show that Gnosticism isn’t dead. These folks keep trying to believe there is an “in group” that has some secret knowledge to make us, the world, etc. better.

  6. I think people want to ‘do as they wish’ and thus a religion that allows for what ‘feels’ right within each individual appeals to them. No one has to feel guilty or wrong about their behaviors, etc. Ultimately people can sow to their flesh and, heck, they don’t even need to worry about the afterlife … they simply don’t appear to think much about it (except for the youtube video mentioned by Other Mary, ironically). Thinking about life after death would, of course, require some accountability as we all know.

  7. That was very scary!! God is not a belief but a feeling?! The religion of if it feels good do it . So disturbing!!

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  9. Jennifer, I didn’t understand some of the “jealous God” and similar passages either until I became a father myself. I can now forsee how a situation could develop where my adult children could persue a particular lifestyle and would no longer be welcome to live in my house unless they changed their ways. Although I wouldn’t love them any less, I would be jealous that they were demonstrating a greater love for their lifestyle than they had for me. I don’t think that necessarily makes me a petty father.

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