Where were the Catholic Knights?

It is easy to criticize, I know, but look at all the people and no one grabbed him by his belt loops and threw him out. Amazing!

There is certainly time for prayer, but that kind of sacrilege requires direct action.

Hat tip to The Black Cordelias. BTW, for the name check out the about page–a scene from Brideshead Revisited. I always loved Cordelia.

6 thoughts on “Where were the Catholic Knights?

  1. FYI – the link to the ‘about’ page for the Cordelia’s isn’t working right.
    I had never heard of the Cordelia’s before. Are you sure this priest/minister is Catholic??

  2. Over a Vox Nova, I was saying the same thing. If this parish had the KofC, this problem would have been taken care of in a flash.

    BTW, am new to your blog. I like it. And, thanks for the link.

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