The Oprahfication of Gender Identity


I debated whether I would say anything at all about this and just decided that I must. St. Paul makes a rather paradoxical statement in regard to the discussion among Christians of the sin of impurity:

But fornication and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is fitting among saints. . . . Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is a shame even to speak of the things that they do in secret; but when anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light (Ephes. 5:3, 11-13).

Several times in this passage he says not to even name or mention the shameful deeds of impurity, but on the other hand he also commands the followers of Jesus to expose such deeds to the light. Perhaps the explanation is this: when such sins are committed in secret, we should not bring the scandal to light, but when they flagrantly committed before all to see, then it is necessary to overcome the scandal already given. Thus this post.

When I heard about the “pregnant man” my inclination was to leave well enough alone. But since the issue has been “Oprahfied,” and spread to the four winds, I figure its time to say something. It is also an issue appropos to this blog, as gender identity must be presumed if it is at all possible to speak of masculinity and femininity.

As followers of Christ we are in the ironic position of becoming the villains every time we open our mouths about morality and the necessity to protect the common good. We are at the point now that the media generally assumes the normality of transgenderism and even will flip pronouns to suite whoever might find themselves identifying with the opposite sex. We are at the point where “he” and “she” don’t mean anything at all. I am struck by the absurdity of all this as I try to write this paragraph. How is one to refer to someone with the pronoun of the opposite sex, when they claim that they are a member of the opposite sex? I know, I know, in the cases of transgender individuals their bodies and minds don’t match, so we are told.

When Oprah gets a hold of something we should all be frightened that the rat poison, duly marked with red skull and crossbones on white label, will go down like sugar because she has administered it. Take The Secret, for example. Nothing could be more absurd and factually contrary to science, but once The Secret was Oprahfied, the charlatans who came up with the farce, instead of being tarred and feathered as they should have been, all became millionaires.

It is simply a flagrant and conscienceless abuse of language to call this transgender person a “pregnant man.” This “man” is a woman who has had her body surgically modified without going to whole way and who takes male hormones to maintain her masculine look. It’s a she that is pregnant, not a he.

The effect of Oprahfication is to modify the social acceptability of the absurd, strange and immoral. Modify is too weak a word. Oprah turns the truth on its head. Those who treat transgenderism as an anomaly are ipso facto branded as uncharitable and close minded. If Oprah says, as she did say relative to The Secret, that all we have to do is believe that anything is possible in order for the impossible to happen, and if the crowd cheers and Oprah’s ratings go up, then who the hell is anyone else to contradict her. The Secret and the “pregnant man” are cut from the same cloth.

This is intellectual, moral and cultural suicide.

The “pregnant man” said to Oprah:

I feel it’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human need. I’m a person and I have the right to have a biological child.

The “human need” business is beyond muddled.

As for the “right to a child” assertion, here is some common sense:

A child is not something owed to one, but is a gift. The “supreme gift of marriage” is a human person. A child may not be considered a piece of property, an idea to which an alleged “right to a child” would lead. In this area, only the child possesses genuine rights: the right “to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents,” and “the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception (CCC 2378).

A child has a right to a mom and a dad. A child has a right to the truth about his or her own identity. A child has a right to the truth. Period.

17 thoughts on “The Oprahfication of Gender Identity

  1. I wrote about this on my own blog, and the thought occurs to me that in the state where this person lives, same-sex marriage is allowed so long as a one of the partners is willing to take steroids and have breast mutilation surgery.

    As I wrote, “If you are looking for a pregnant man, get out your lamp, Diogenese! You will be looking for somenone with an XY Chromosome for some time!”

  2. And I was just about to eat my lunch.

    What can one say, other than what you said? We’ve gone too far down this road. Everything has been flipped upside-down; good is evil, evil is good. We are in deep, deep trouble.

  3. It’s a lie. A man CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET PREGNANT. She is a woman, merely taking male hormones. Nothing will change that in my mind and I’m not judging…. I just believe that SHE was born a woman and remains a woman. The proof is SHE’S PREGNANT…. A man CANNOT get pregnant.

  4. The older I get, the more and more I believe that the television has aided the most in this drastic moral landslide into the gutter. Before television, you could have people do some pretty ‘sick’ things but it stayed in their own demented world, if you will. No one else viewed this nonsense. Now, thanks to television, the WHOLE world can bring it into their living rooms. People then become desensitized to it all. Good ol’ Oprah, who for some reason totally baffling to me, became this ‘goddess’ of tvland so that whatever she says, everyone just nods their heads like bobble-headed morons. For some reason, people think of her as this genuine, caring and level-headed woman. I like to believe that she has a real heart, but she’s been woefully deceived and is leading the masses into that gutter … with her genuine smile.

    I had not heard of this story … it’s disgusting, quite frankly. I bet Marceg’s correct … these hormones will have a huge impact on this baby’s development … but, hey, this man-woman will probably just abort it at that point! It seems like this baby is just an attention-getter. My husband just peered over my shoulder and said, “Everyone wants to be a freak nowadays.”

    Welcome to the circus, folks. What a pity.

  5. You know what’s ironic about all of this? What’s this fellow gonna do when *he’s* 9 months pregnant? Well, he’s gonna have to wear some maternity clothes I should think … and become a woman again!! Ha. (Or, he’s gonna look like he’s got one heck of a beer belly and people will just look at him with disgust.)

  6. My concern about this is not just the idea of what will medically happen to this baby but what will happen spiritually to this child and it’s mother ? Is this the works of the devil? God has created all things. Therefore, I’m trying to understand that this baby is the creation of God. I understand that God is a Merciful God. Is this sort of love the sinner but not the sin. Please Father help clear this up for me so that I may understand with love and compassion.

  7. The fog in which our society dwells in is becoming thicker and thicker. It is getting to a point where light houses can not be seen, nor fog horns be heard. To hate the sin love the sinner idea, has thrown us into the fog just as well. Don’t jump down my throat, what I am saying is that we as Catholics have become to “accepting”, and “loving” of the sinner, all the while hating the sin. If this happened back 50 years ago the Catholics would have shunned the sinner, yet they would have still been praying for them. We have just lost all moral sense, and have become too complacent in our willingness to walk hand in hand with those that sin. If we don’t take a stand now will we ever?

    Just a thought would the Muslims this entire debacle to be aired?
    Just another side note. I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that in Walt Disney’s will, the first pregnant man gets Walt Disney World. Would this He\She thingamajig therefore qualify, and if so would Walt Disney World change from the “Happiest Place on Earth” to the “Gayest Place on Earth”?

  8. Perhaps, I was misunderstood. I’m not saying that we should approve of this warped and twisted way of thinking. I was just trying to understand how our Lord would handle all of this and where does that place the baby in the eyes of God. This is still a human being that God has allowed to be created. I have many concerns about this matter but my biggest concern is the soul of this child. Please, I again am Not in any way condoning this behavior nor do I wish to support it. I was only thinking about what Our Lord had said when he was dying on the Cross,” Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” We too, must forgive them for they know not what they do! We need to pray for these people.

  9. The child in the eyes of God is a beautiful soul, and the Catechism clearly states the rights of the child. The child shall not pay for the sins of their father, or mother, or in this case both in one. Jesus did state dying on the cross “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”, I agree that we must forgive the sin, well not US but a PRIEST of the Catholic church, acting as a representative of the Holy Spirit, must forgive the sinner. In order for that to happen the sinner must therefore ask to be forgiven. That is what is so heinous about this day and age; no one is asking nor seeking forgiveness. We as a society are all self-indulged on our own vices. We just have to pray, and pray hard, make sacrifices, receive communion, and plead for the souls to not be hardened towards Our Lord and the power of humility.
    Don’t forget that Jesus did come at the worst possible time in the world. He also went into the temple and turned over the tables for the mockery the society in which he lived had made it. Just something to remember…

  10. Yes, the only peace I get from this is that God is surely bigger than all of it! It will be sad if this baby winds up becoming some sort of sacrificial lamb … some deformed or chemically (hormonally) imbalanced person but atleast then others may not jump on this band-wagon … thus the sacrifice that this baby would make. Danielle, I do have hope for this child’s soul … did you see the interview awhile back on with the girl who the mother tried to abort? These children sometimes are plunged into digging deeply within their souls for the answer to their existence and this is how I see Our Lord turning all things to His ultimate glory. That’s my prayer for this baby, for sure. Also, this ‘mother/father’ is in for quite a roller-coaster ride that might ultimately make him/her regret her decision. What’s going to happen when prolactin kicks in? Well … I suppose they’ll suppress it … but there might still be this natural nurturing feeling that begins to happen to her. They cannot suppress everything … she still must go into labor and then her uterus will need to contract to reduce back to normal size and all of this takes hormones … hormones that we women know can make for quite the ‘ride’ … good and bad. She’ll maybe then realize that having been created as a woman was a gift that she rejected. I do believe this, even if she never publicly admits it. Maybe I’m totally naive … I always think that somewhere down deep in people is a little pilot light that can set the person in a blaze at anytime (a holy blaze, that is). But, sometimes nowadays I do wonder if the pilot light got completely snuffed in some folks … my hopeful side tries to believe ‘no’.

  11. Oprah needs to read “Free Mind Free Body” by D R Boisse it offers something A New Earth and the secret do not. And it demonstrates how we are stuck behind our own self limitations by our beliefs while the author Boisse recognizes a person’s beliefs are their choice and it just gives you insight on how your mind works. I bought paperback on Amazon and ebook is at

    Warm regards,


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  13. This person was born a woman I presume and a woman she will remain no matter what her outer appearance looks like. God doesn’t make mistakes when creating like putting a man in a woman’s body. This is simply a charade and sensalization by the media (Oprah) in the end. This isn’t really a man giving birth to a baby which is what they would love to report, if not now, then someday. This propaganda only further promotes the notion that we have a “right to choose”, even a choice of gender. We always seem to want what we don’t have in the hope that our life will somehow be better if we get our way. If we only believed that we were truly created in God’s image, then why would we want to tinker and degrade that!

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