Cool Longsword Action

Found it here.

7 thoughts on “Cool Longsword Action

  1. Puh-lease, Master Xavier! We don’t need to witness anything bloody …. I hope they’re acting, no? No blood and guts, thank you.

    But seriously, I do think fencing is making quite the comeback. The eye/hand/foot coordination looks quite challenging.

  2. Ah, I wasn’t referring to the classic guts and glory of warfare. I was just stating that when you try to go lightly on your opponent in the style of acting, it takes away from the thrill of seeing a blade swing in fast. I guess I’m just used to the swordplay in movies… (Since they have all the editing capabilities necessary.)

  3. These guys are using real swords, and there is no editing, special effects or cgi. The sound of the real swords really clanging are real, not produced in an a studio, as they would be in a movie. Furthermore, the swordsmen are not wearing any facial protection. I’d say they were risky enough.

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  5. Ave Maria! Very neat. But is there anything out there with the style of broadsword w/ shield fighting used in the 1100s?

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