Mother of All Vigils


The Seventh Sorrow of Our Lady:
The Entombment

Hail Heart of Seven Swords,
The last blade stays Thee.
Sealed is the tomb of the Womb-Sealed,
And waiting is the One
who stood Her ground.

Holy Lily, Garden Enclosed,
Show the Great Sign
To those who run from
the Cross’s shadow.

In this little versified meditation, I try to convey the faith that Our Lady possessed in spite of Her sorrow. She stood Her ground at the foot of the Cross, and now She watches for the Return of the King.

In the tradition of the Church, we often celebrate Saturdays as the day of the week dedicated to Our Lady, for example, the votive Mass in honor of Our Lady on free Saturdays in Ordinary Time. One possible ancient reason for this custom is to remember Our Lady’s vigil of faith on Holy Saturday. She alone in the perfection of Her faith actually believed that Our Lord would rise. This is why She did not visit the tomb with the other holy women.

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