Why Every Man Needs a Castle with a Moat

And every castle should have one of these, in case fluffy gets beyond the moat.

No really.  Isn’t the cartoon true to life? Cats are so manipulative. Very unchivalrous.

30 thoughts on “Why Every Man Needs a Castle with a Moat

  1. Yes cats are ingenious … which they use to manipulate! They have no qualms about biting the hand that feeds them … but then will cuddle with you later making you the biggest sucker alive. As far as the escape plan for the cat who gets beyond the moat … well, the cats I’ve owned in my life would have no problem getting beyond the high levels (they jump stories) and running serpentine to escape the sniper. (Unless I’m missing something in that diagram.)

    But, now that we have some allergies to cats in our house, we’ve had to live without them and we miss their incredible ability to keep the field mice out of our garage (and thus our car engines) and the moles from our yard! All the moles have discovered that we are now a safe haven and our lawn gets the ‘squishy’ award for it. So … rodent protection sounds like a somewhat chivalrous quality, don’t you think?

  2. Jennifer – if the cats knew you wanted them to catch mice and voles, they would cease immediately. Unless they felt that the pleasure they got from unmercifully torturing them outweighed the aversion they would feel from doing a human a favor!

    I think cats carefully weigh the cost/benefit ratio of anything they do. That is why they sit so still and quiet so much – it is not meditation – it is avarice.

  3. Knight Errant, Tee hee … quite true. They are the ultimate of selfishness … too bad they’re so darn soft and snuggly at times.

  4. I’m a dog person. I know all you “cat” people are going to say well dogs are “stupid”, yadda yadda yadda. But I don’t know any home invader that would think twice about invading a home if there was a cat by the door, looking for them to let it in.
    Plus I get great enjoyment from watching my outside cat torment our inside dog. It is even more enjoyable when the inside dog get a chance to “play” with the outside cat in it oh so gentle ways.

  5. I have to agree, Set All Afire…especially from the standpoint of your having such a “vicious and enormous” pooch keeping your domicile safe from home invaders. Brrrrrr— I shudder everytime I think of your snarling brute chasing everyone away from your home! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    By the way – on the topic of the use of the term “home invader” — what ever happened to the word “BURGLAR”? Is this another politically correct term invented by the liberal left so as not to “label” people as thieves? Home invader sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t want to say something bad about someone bad now, would we?

  6. You should all have a half dozen dogs outside in a kennel so that anytime a “home invader” being human or beast comes withine 100 ft of your property they sound out the alarm for the whole neighborhood to hear. It works like a charm.

  7. To be honest Other Mary I couldn’t spell burglar, I didn’t have teh spell check option on. Let’s not forget I was raised in teh skool sistem.
    Not to sound un political correct, if a burglar, or a home invader, or a trespasser, or whatever they call them comes into my house, I have 1 thing I would call them………….DEAD. No need to add another to the already full prison system.

  8. I don’t know, people, I’ve met some pretty fierce kitties in my day and some pretty lame dogs that just bark a lot! Let’s not be deceived here. And, not to mention, I’ve never had a cat jump on me and knock me over when I’m visiting … nor, eh-hem, insist on putting their nose where they shouldn’t!!! I’ve got scars on me from dog bites while I was innocently delivering newspapers as a kid but cats politely left me alone if I left them alone. Dogs have very bad manners and most burglars would gladly shoot the mutt if they got in their way.

    Soooo … these are not good reasons to own a dog. Now, the big bushel of them in the backyard could be useful I suppose … but the food bill for them wouldn’t be too comfortable.

    I’ll stick with my little bunny, Rose, thank you!

  9. Hey, Steve – you can’t talk! You’ve certainly made your contribution to the cat population! I think you probably made it more profitable than if you had sold them as gloves, too!

  10. Set all a fire you’re very correct. Dogs are a great alarm system but a dog can’t compare to a huge cat. Seriously, my second cat is 32 in long and he’s only 9 months old. Sorry, I forgot to mention, his breed of cats don’t stop growing till they are 3 years old (some reach 4 ft. long) that’s a big cat. Still, there are some wimpy cats and there are very wimpy dogs but there are also manly cats and manly dogs. This movie is rather freaky though, cats really do find what makes you mad and do it just to be let in. My 9 month old cat already jumps on the doorknobs and can almost open them (he knows what he doing when he does it and it’s kinda freaky).

  11. In case you haven’t noticed, Other Mary, the cat population around my humble dwelling has dwindled as of late.

    By strange coincidence, my hands are much warmer.

  12. Well, I can just SEE the animal rights activists foaming at the mouth right now. (Not a lovely vision to have in my head.)

  13. Hi, just testing if I’m able to post something here. Hmmm…it’s more likely that I make a mess when I try to post in forums. Is this a forum or what else?.

    About cats, they remind me too much of humans, so I prefer dogs with some exceptions. Very interesting website, I’m going to tell an online friend of this one. He’s a K of C. Greetings from South America. †PAX

  14. Fr. Angelo, pleased to meet you and thanks for the welcome. If you ever set up a chat here or somewhere else, I would be interested. I’m more used to the “tech mysteries” of chat than to the ones on forums, blogs, e-mailing listsm étc. Iwill save this link to check out if I receive another reply. I don’t know of any other way to keep track of the posts.
    Guess that I will have to learn how to post in blogs.
    The website I post is my channel on YT. I hope that I’m not breaking any rule here. Just tell me if I did, thanx.
    There are two Catholic websites with videos now, I wonder if you know of them.

    My online pal who is a K of C told me that he had subscribed to this website long ago but that he didn’t remember his username, étc.
    Thanx again. Stay safe. †Pax

  15. Sorry, Fr. Angelo, I made my first mistake haha!. I forgot to correct the name. Just in case if you are wondering what .ar on the e-mail address stands for is: Argentina

  16. Monica,

    It’s just the opposite for me. I know blogs and stay clear of forums.

    Many blog sites have a check box near the comment box that directs the site to have an email notification sent to you in the event that someone replies to your comment. Unfortunately, WordPress.com does not yet provide this functionality, so you won’t be informed of what is going on in a thread of replies on this blog unless you check back to the blog itself.

    One thing you can do is familiarize yourself with RSS (Really Simple Syndication). There is really not much you need to understand. An RSS feed will provide you with a list of all new entries on website that provides a feed, such as blogs.

    On any blog or site that provides a syndicated feed you will find a link that indicates this, either something that says RSS or this logo.

    When you are on a page that offers continuous updates, like a blog, you will see the logo somewhere, either on the page, in the field with the URL or perhaps on the toolbar in your browser. Click the logo and see what options are available. The easiest thing to do is to save the feed as a live bookmark (firefox) or favorite (explorer), and then the feed will appear in your bookmarks or favorites menu. In this way you will always be able to keep track of the blogs you like, and keep abreast of the new posts. This will not indicate to you when a new comment is posted, but it will allow you to find the blog more easily and keep up with it.

    No rules broken.

    I am not sure what your friend subscribed to. Perhaps he can use RSS as well.

    If you are really ambitious and want to keep track of lots of blogs you can use an RSS reader, such as Google Reader or Bloglines.

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