Not So Top Secret Idea for All Hallows Weapon

Use your imagination:

More on how it works:

And finally, the geniuses’ website.

For all you who have no idea what this has to do with All Hallows, you have to come to our All Hallows Eve feast day celebration on October 31 to find out.

I am planning ahead.

6 thoughts on “Not So Top Secret Idea for All Hallows Weapon

  1. Everyone better hold onto their costumes and candy! So, what I want to know is who is going to build this monster? I know there’s a welder in the group … you’ll have to show everyone the physics behind it. Very cool.

  2. Now I like this! I think the builders of it are more likely to be injured than the users or recipients! What shall we name it? Heretic Huffer? Pagan Puffer? Satan Snuffer?

    Now what we want to know is what project will now take precedence for Fr.? The bell tower hole? Chicken mansion? Not yet begun turkey townhouse? Meeting rooms? Let me guess…

    And fyi – our kids have one of these…well, it’s a scale model Friary Fluffer- prototype — about 1/100th the size and is made of blue plastic, but it could put out candles at 30 ft!

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