Science Confirms It


Wires. Just like the nice man said.

See we fuddy-duddy chivalry guys are not all washed up after all.

12 thoughts on “Science Confirms It

  1. Ha! I had my prayer meeting with two lady friends of mine this morning …. we get together to pray or study scripture, etc a few times a month. Anyway, they made their jokes on this topic this morning. One of them discussed how she cannot buy Entemann’s products because her mother was morbidly obese and always ate Entemann’s so the wires are ‘linked’ in her head that Entemann’s equals obesity. She has avoided Entemann’s products that are on sale and instead bought Sara Lee products next to them for double the amount for this very reason. Her husband goes ballistic since this is clearly illogical (and she was an accountant and quite analytical). But, she said the connection makes perfect sense to her! We women understood her logic without any problem and saw her connection immediately. 🙂

    All of our wires also allow us to multi-task which usually amazes men. We can be talking with one child while reading something from another child and answering our husband’s questions all at the same time! My husband thinks I’m not really listening to him but then I rattle off what he’s asked and he’s quite amazed … God probably gave this ability to women so we could manage multiple children in different age brackets while doing chores all at once.

    But, I admit that we look a little crazed at times … in fact I often think when men hear us, or atleast me, talking that they must wonder if we’re psychotic. At times I hate my emotional teeter-tottering that seems so out of my control … other women can totally understand but you can see the eyes of men rolling into the back of their heads.

    I had shown my husband Father Angelo’s depiction of the male versus female wiring … the nice neat circuit board versus the rats nest of wires … and I said that I was having trouble coming up with a good *come back*. His response was, “Well, the truth hurts sometimes, dear.” I think all men are in cohoots with each other here. Hmmm.

  2. Hmm, that’s how you are able to multi-task. Primarily, our main notion is to focus on our present situation. Or rather, the specific ‘now’ box. Take our time, get it done right the first time. Though I must admit, ‘nothing’ can be pretty handy at some times. 😉

  3. OK, to me that looks like some very organized wires there. I don’t know much computer innards terminology, but there are some big flat multiple wire thingys that carry lots of information between important stuff like the “MOTHER” board inside our tower that look a lot like the pasta/tape-like beauty that is shown in the photo above.

    Now, those wires in our computer – that look like lots of wires side by side but running all in the same direction from one important place (like the MOTHERboard) to another and connected to things by very intricate pointy plug things – remind me a lot of the organized apparent disorganization of the female brain depicted above.

    To me this puts to mind the multitasking Jen so aptly described above. We have lots of information flowing simultaneously – APPARENTLY unrelated – in the same direction– to us – through us – and from us (kinda like a MOTHERboard, which I’m told is a very important computer thingy), flowing through these tape-like wires.

    It’s not really lots of independent wires cris- crossing at random. I promise! Inside them is the motherboard of all motherboards, capable of processing very detailed and organized information…lots of it…quickly…

    As for accuracy, that varies from motherboard to motherboard. Some boards get a bit overloaded and fatigued, I must admit. Not sure how the emotions fit into this grand analogy, but it must be akin to things getting a bit hot inside when the fans aren’t working efficiently…

  4. I dunno,

    Methinks that, for each of you of the fair gender, a lot of those wires don’t connect into where you think they do, and some even end up as bare wires. And if we attempt to touch them to help reconnection to take place, we end up getting a nasty shock!

    If there was only a circuit diagram to be had then it would be a lot easier. But my belief is that each “circuit” is independently and haphazardly generated without a basic diagram to begin with.

    So how do you ladies work each other out? Or do you??

  5. Gee, Knight Errant, Other Mary made perfect sense to me. I enjoyed her MOTHERboard thingie discussion … very discriptive to me. As for a circuit diagram … no sirree bob. That would give away our mystique and ellusiveness and we couldn’t have that, now could we?

    And, watch what you say because don’t forget, we women remember EVERYTHING … it’s the emotions that imbed stuff into our wires if you recall. The MOTHERboard computer thingie … you know.

  6. Sorry…I’m just getting a chuckle contemplating opening up a desktop tower or laptop and seeing lots of little boxes inside (and one big empty box), none of which are touching…or do you just have lots of computers and every once in a while you network them and one has a completely empty hard drive that just stays that way…

  7. Yup, Other Mary – you got it! Of course you omit the detail that when one computer is on, it is replete with everything necessary for life while it is on. It works furiously until an obvious time to switch it off and turn another one on. Each is not complicated and distracted by unnecessary connections to another computer.

    The only thing that could disturb our uni-computer world is if another male turns on a similar computer, and then we HAVE to furiously compete to show our computers superiority. But it is OK if we don’t win, we simply turn off that computer and turn another one on and all is then OK with the world again.

    See Jennifer – simple isn’t it/aren’t we?

  8. Yes, Knight Errant, you’re very simple! Tee hee. (Sorry, but you set yourself up for that one.)

    But, on a serious note, this is why Our Lord created male and female to join together …. can you imagine two emotional interconnecting wire MOTHERboards together day in and day out?? I cannot … we’d be finding connections to things that don’t even exist. (Which is why mother-daughter relationships can be stressful at times. And that’s not a romantic relationship.) And, conversely, can you imagine two people who retreat to their NOTHING box as often as possible? Or, who do not see connections when they should? Hmmmm.

  9. Hey I have a question that has NOTHING to do with this site … but there are men on this site who might be able to answer it.

    I’m thinking of buying my husband a canoe for his birthday. Do any of you men have a box that’s just for boats??? He’s always wanted one. He’s started fishing and camping with the boys and this would be a nice surprise. The catch is that we cannot afford a NEW canoe. I’ve seen many used ones on but know NOTHING about canoes. This is risky because clearly I cannot return or exchange it should I get it wrong. Do any of you know something about this? If so, I could discuss this ‘offline’ or atleast off this blog.

    I’ve got until next week … .eh hem. Thanks so much

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