Political Theology


The Master speaks:

I don’t think it [a same-sex union] should be called marriage, but I think that it is a legal right that they should have that is recognized by the state,” said Obama. “If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans.

He is jokingly being referred to as the Messiah. Or is it a joke? Or is he something else? Lord of the World comes to mind:

“Towards the close of the fourth verse, a figure in a plain dark suit was observed ascending the steps of the platform. For a moment this attracted no attention, but when it was seen that a sudden movement had broken out among the delegates, the singing began to falter; and it ceased altogether as the figure, after a slight inclination to right and left, passed up the further steps that led to the rostrum. Then occurred a curious incident. The organist aloft at first did not seem to understand, and continued playing, but a sound broke out from the crowd resembling a kind of groan, and instantly he ceased. But no cheering followed. Instead a profound silence dominated in an instant the huge throng; this, by some strange magnetism, communicated itself to those without the building, and when Mr. FELSENBURGH uttered his first words, it was in a stillness that was like a living thing. We leave the explanation of this phenomenon to the expert in psychology.

“Of his actual words we have nothing to say. So far as we are aware no reporter made notes at the moment; but the speech, delivered in Esperanto, was a very simple one, and very short. It consisted of a brief announcement of the great fact of Universal Brotherhood, a congratulation to all who were yet alive to witness this consummation of history; and, at the end, an ascription of praise to that Spirit of the World whose incarnation was now accomplished.

“So much we can say; but we can say nothing as to the impression of the personality who stood there. In appearance the man seemed to be about thirty-three years of age, clean-shaven, upright, with white hair and dark eyes and brows; he stood motionless with his hands on the rail, he made but one gesture that drew a kind of sob from the crowd, he spoke these words slowly, distinctly, and in a clear voice; then he stood waiting.

“There was no response but a sigh which sounded in the ears of at least one who heard it as if the whole world drew breath for the first time; and then that strange heart-shaking silence fell again. Many were weeping silently, the lips of thousands moved without a sound, and all faces were turned to that simple figure, as if the hope of every soul were centred there. So, if we may believe it, the eyes of many, centuries ago, were turned on one known now to history as JESUS OF NAZARETH (Book II, chapter 1).

Never mind that the Sermon on the Mount says little–oh yes, actually NOTHING–about homosexuality, but of course the Messiah need not explain his use of Scripture. Never mind that the first chapter of Romans is only obscure to someone who has not read St. Paul, after all, he’s the Messiah. Sigh . . .

When Our Lord referred to his followers as His sheep, it was no compliment. Anyone who has been around sheep knows that they are really, really dumb. Fortunately, Our Lord is the Good Shepherd. One who fools with Sacred Scripture has not entered by the gate but is a “thief or robber” or worse. Hopefully, the sheep are at least smart enough to recognize the true Shepherd’s voice.

6 thoughts on “Political Theology

  1. Okay, I never read this book. In fact, I’ve never even heard of it but from the excerpt provided and the comments made about Obama, I’d say we just might have a match here. Truly, we can be so easily lead astray and it’s always amazing to me.

    So, Father Angelo, should this next election be as ominous as it looks like it will be, what’s a conservative Catholic to do? I’m asking sincerely. I cannot invision voting for McCain. I hate that trap where you’re throwing your vote away when you go 3rd party but no one within the main parties this time is even CLOSE to being acceptable. I really don’t know what we should do. sigh.

  2. Lord of the World is a novel by Father Robert Hugh Benson and is about what would happen if secularist Freemasonic ideals were fully implemented world-wide. Felsenburgh is the catalyst for world transformation, that is, the Anti-Christ. I am not saying Obama is the Anti-Christ, but his words are Anti-Christian and the almost inexplicable seductiveness of his ways are to me frightening.

  3. I sometimes wonder if those FreeMasonic ideals are actually being implemented in the world today. Often enough, the idea of freemasonry as a dangerous ‘philosophy’ passes the public without notice. It seems that people seem to cry louder about Atheism than about Freemasonry, when atheism is could be accurately labeled as a ‘child’ of freemasonry.

  4. When my husband gets into discussions with people about this man, he asks, “What is it about him you like? What exactly is it that this man stands for that you like? Name one issue that you feel really defines his character or presidency?” They can NEVER answer him with anything rational or substantial. So, we really are just dumb sheep, I suppose.

  5. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d be routing for Hillary.

    With this election, it’s pick your poison.

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