Hero Alert!


Amputee Marine back to duty in Iraq. Awesome guy!

Drop him an email and thank him: gibsonwespanky@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “Hero Alert!

  1. Now I have a question about this *war stuff* and excuse me for my ignorance. I follow some of this stuff minimally; probably too minimally. Anyway, it was my understanding that the Magisterium (our late Pope JPII) did NOT support this War. Is that true? If so, what are their thoughts now?

    I go both ways with this. On the one hand, it breaks my heart to see the loss of life … yet, I know it’s a chivalrous thing to do but just one that, maybe as a female, seems so senseless. I cannot invision losing a husband or son like this … it pains me to think about it. Yet, I do know that people like Osama Bin Laden are killing millions of their own people and, like Hitler, they do need to be stopped. Yet, to stop them, we must sacrifice more lives.

    If I support Ron Paul, which seems to me at this time to be the most *ethical* choice, he has said that he will pull out of this War rather immediately, has he not? Whether the War was right or wrong to begin with still seems like a mighty waste of all the lives, money, etc if they cannot *complete* things properly.

    I’m curious on the Church’s current position on this. I’m also curious if the *powers that be* feel that we’ve basically completed the task over in Iraq or if they feel there are still more years necessary to get these people truly on their own feet.


  2. The Holy Father expressed his judgment that the invasion of Iraq did not have the benefits of the conditions that are required by a just war.

    The just war theory has many facets, but let us begin by saying that the Church has never taught pacifism as a matter of obligation. Indeed the state has a duty to protect its innocent citizens, even with deadly force at times.

    Generally just war theory permits a “preemptive war,” that is, a war that must be waged in order to fend off an imminent threat. What was argued by Michael Novak, a prominent Catholic neocon, was that the same logic would also justify a “preventative war,” that is, a war waged in order to prevent a threat that will “inevitably” become imminent in a relatively short amount of time. Catholic advocates of the war in Iraq argued on this “preventative war” basis. Rome was singularly unimpressed with these arguments.

    Ron Paul argues against the war on a relatively isolationist basis, and because he judges a war that has not been declared by congress to be unconstitutional.

    Regardless of the original motives or justifications for the war, our present situation is constituted by a different set of circumstances. Whether we now leave Iraq now that it has been destabilized is a whole other question.

    Our honorable military personnel who are on the ground in Iraq believe in their mission and in the freedom of the Iraqi people. They believe they are preparing the ground for humanitarian aid, a rebuilding of the country and the independence of the people. I can’t imagine that Sgt. Gibson would be going back with only one leg for any other reason. God bless him.

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