Toy Knights and Kosovo


No, Really. Actually it tells us a lot about what is happening in Kosovo right now, and in Europe at large.

O Dearest God, what shall I do, and how?
Shall I choose the earth? Shall I choose
The skies? And if I choose the kingdom,
If I choose an earthy kingdom now,
Earthly kingdoms are such passing things—
A heavenly kingdom, raging in the dark, endures eternally

The horrors of medieval and modern war. . . and appeasement.

3 thoughts on “Toy Knights and Kosovo

  1. kosovo is serbia!my friends…if you can,please find the words of serbian knigt and ruler from 1389. before the battle on the kosovo field,his name was Lazar Hrebeljanovic in serbia:car Lazar….find it and read it ….and then you will understand serbian myth about KOSOVO?

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