MaryVictix Desktops

mary-victrix-desktop-detail.jpgSome time ago I designed a desktop wallpaper for the Knights of Lepanto and Mary Victrix. I am now making it available in different sizes for both PC and Mac.

I originally designed it for a Mac cinema display (letterbox) with a nice dark area for the icons on the right. I have adapted the original to several sizes of the cinema display for the PC with the icon space on the left, and I have further cropped it for several sizes of the standard apsect ratio. It does not look as good in the standard ratio, but so be it. (The space for the icons had to be cropped out.)

The artifacts pictured in the wallpaper are all significant. Any thoughts? All feedback will be appreciated. Click on the thumbnail and right click to “save image as”.

Original Mac version Cinema Display
1683 x 1052

PC Cinema Dispays
maryvictrix-desktop-1280-x-800.jpg maryvictrix-desktop-1224-x-768.jpg
1280 x 800
1224 x 768
PC Standard Dispays
mary-victrix-desktop-1280-x-1024.jpg mary-victrix-desktop-800-x-600.jpg
1280 x 1024
800 x 600

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