Hero Mom Stands Up for the Heroes

Debbie Lee is the Mom of Marc Allen Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. In this video she stands up before the city council of Beserkeley, California that recently promulgated a resolution, asking the Marine Recruiters to close their office in the City.

God bless her.

Hat tip, Hot Air.

3 thoughts on “Hero Mom Stands Up for the Heroes

  1. Well, if Obama gets into office, we can forget about ANY of these soldiers feeling respect, I think. My nephew was out there as were others that I know and they all feel that the Americans have been making a difference. This is one of the reasons why I can barely watch the news anymore … truly, you cannot really believe a thing they say. It’s all very skewed. This is not to say that I’m pro-war .. who is? We’d all prefer peace over war. But, when you have the Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Bin Ladens out there, you cannot reason with these mad men. I just hope that Iraq gets onto more solid ground within the next 6 months. I pray that all these efforts and lost lives, like this woman’s son, won’t all be for nothing.

  2. Amen! Good for her! I have many friends in the military, including several there right now. I just hope and pray we don’t get Obama as president.

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